Twitch Streamer Series- Part 59

One of my newer follows is a really great guy who loves playing solo games and with his friends, whom I hope to catch up with and interview for this blog series as well. I have already interviewed one, Cyb3rDragon, and I hope to interview more. They are all a great bunch and a lot of fun to watch. So let’s learn about this great guy, Anchovybob.


1. What is your twitch name?

 My twitch name is Anchovybob! Do not let my tiny name fool you, I swear I am ferocious.

2. Is there a reason why you chose that name?

      I actually don’t remember why I chose my username to be Anchovybob. I’ve had it since the early days of Xbox live on the original xbox.

3. Why did you become a Twitch Streamer?

I became a streamer honestly because I thought it was cool! And I was totally right, it is pretty neat.

4. Why did you become a streamer for Twitch?

As for becoming a twitch streamer it was really because well… I was already watching broadcasts on twitch and I new the platform already. So I decided to start there.

5. How long have you been a streamer?

 Casually I was streaming on and off for about 5 years, but up until about April is when I decided to start taking it rather seriously, trying to stream every day and what not.

6. Do you only stream or do you have another job? And if you’re comfortable saying what, what is your other job?

             I wish I only streamed. No, I do have another job, I’m a game master at an escape room.

7. What are your favorite games to play?

                 Personally I love strategy games, but those are super boring to watch, which is handy that I have a healthy love for shooter games and multiplayer games,

8. What are your favorite games to stream?

 I greatly enjoy streaming shooter games, PUBG, Planetside 2, Killing Floor 2 are really fun to play and stream.

9. Do you have any games you’d like to recommend to my readers to play and why?

   Hm, depending on what your readers enjoy, I could recommend Planetside 2 as a shooter, Banished as a simulation game, MOBA fans why not try Overwatch or Dota 2, if your fans haven’t played these yet; give the Mass Effect series and Dead Space series a go! Those are really good series. These games are definitely personal favorites I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into each. Heck, my PUBG clock is ticking close to 500.

10. Was it hard to talk to your viewers when you first became a streamer? How long before you became at ease with streaming?

                      Not exactly no, it was mostly just having people that would just… talk in general. But it often did fall back down to; ok, they said hello, I said hello, what do we talk about?! But thankfully that got easier over time, I would say in the beginning with me some times streaming and sometimes not it took about a years worth of time.

11. Would you like to tell my readers anything else about yourself or your channel?

I stream every night usually starting around 10-11 after work! Shameless plug is shameless… but no, for me my channel is a little detention of my personality. I get to be my normal weird self, make strange noises, cuss out a stupid character for being stupid, let my sarcasm run rampant. It’s fun. But things can also get super serious too and I take speaking freely in my channel quite seriously. Can’t post things but you can say almost anything on my channel. Keyword most.


He is definitely a riot when he streams whatever game he feels like it. Want to see this funny guy in action? Then by all means follow the link to his channel and have some fun listening to him be his normal weird self, making noises and cussing out characters. His link to his channel is:


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