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Treasure in the Trunk

Book Review

If you are looking for a book that will help your imagination run wild without words being in the way, then this could be the book for you. Beautiful illustrations create a story all on its own, no words needed. This is a great book to have in your library at school, in your classroom, or in your library at home.

It may look simple to you, a book without words, but this cleverly creative and fun book that was released in March of this year. This book is a great exercise for yourself and your children in storytelling. Not every book needs words in order to create a story worth telling again and again. Nor does a book need words in order to push a story forward. The amazing illustrations in this book will do that for you.

Being stuck inside in the rain is never fun unless you find a way to create your own fun, just like in these uncertain times as we must be quarantined to our homes in order to stay safe. The pictures illustrate a brother and sister trapped inside because of the rain with their cute Boston Terrier pup and they go on their own adventure in their house to find their own fun. While searching their house, they adventure up into the attic to find all sorts of neat old things, including a trunk. But what does the trunk hold? That is for you to uncover as the storyteller.

Linda MacRitchie Graf

And who is the clever mind behind such a fascinating story of remarkable illustrations? An artist and educator by the name of Linda MacRitchie Graf who wanted to show the world that a story isn’t just pushed forward by the words, but by the illustrations and the imagination of the storyteller who has the book in their hand. Her illustrations bring alive a story for all ages, especially children so that they can explore their own creative imagination and tell us, adults, their stories.

I was thinking a lot about this book and a fun idea for adults to do besides making up their own stories to go along with the book when they read to their kids. And that idea I had is to record your children while they read the story to you. Record every story that is told by your child as they will most likely never be the same twice and listen to the stories as your child grows up. Make copies and give them the book with all of the recordings so that they too can listen to them whenever they want and maybe even let their own children listen to the stories that they made-up. And then do it again with the next generation. Storytelling that keeps on going as the book switches from hand to hand. Enjoy this time with your children, grab a copy of the book created and illustrated by Linda MacRitchie Graf, and let the stories explode from your imagination, whether you are a child or an adult.

And to the author, thank you for creating such amazing pictures in a book that will help shape the imaginations of our future generations. Thank you, City of Publishing for allowing me to see this book and review it for you. It is a fun book.

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    Cute idea Lacey! That would be neat to see how many different stories could be created based on the same illustrations.

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