Clint’s Motorcycle Monkey Coffee

Clint’s Motorcycle Monkey Coffee

Coffee Review

My husband owns a beautiful red Indian motorcycle and a while back he had to have it towed to the Indian Motorcycle of San Diego for a lot of work. But that story and review are for another blog. While he was there looking around, he found a spot where they give out a free sample of coffee and the bag of coffee that they sell. Of course, he had to purchase the coffee and bring it home for us to try. He didn’t take a sample there because they were out so a bag of it came home.

The bag of coffee is of whole beans so we had to use our grinder to grind it up and then pour it into the coffee maker. The smell is strong once it is ground up and really kicks you in the nose with a surprise that makes your mouth water. Actually, the smell is strong as soon as you open the bag. It definitely is a nice slap in the face of aromas early in the morning.

As it is brewing, again the strong smells fills the the air and it is hard to describe except for excitement. I always get excited when we are about to try new coffee and after reading that this coffee is supposed to be a mixture of whiskey, caramel, and vanilla flavors, I was ready to pour myself a hot cup of coffee, sit on the couch, and enjoy it while my two young daughters watch their favorite YouTubers on the TV.

As I took my first sip, it was bitter at first since I am used to cream and sugar but I always taste it first before adding my cream and sugar. But after I got past the bitter taste, I could taste the harshness of the “whiskey” and a bit of the caramel. I couldn’t taste any vanilla but that is fine with me as I am not a fan of vanilla. After I added my cream and sugar, I could taste the smoothness of the flavors mixed together more and it was not bad, not bad at all.

My husband enjoyed the coffee a lot more than I did but I would definitely drink this one again. It is tasty, a good mix of the flavors, and the strong smell that will entice your mouth to drool. And the way that they describe the coffee on the front of the bag definitely brings a smile to your face and small chuckle in your throat.

If you would like to try it yourself, here is a link to the direct website for the coffee.

In my opinion, I would give this coffee two thumbs up. Awesome job, Motorcycle Monkey!

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