Expedition Roasters Coffee

Expedition Roasters Coffee

Redhead Rum

Coffee Review

Before the whole mess with the ride at Disneyland, I remember hearing the silly pirate yelling out “We wants the redhead.” Well, Expedition Roasters has given us the redhead in this coffee and wow is it amazing. The beauty herself would love a cup I am sure. She sits proudly on the front of the bag as she waits for her fans to flock to her, claim her prize, and enjoy a hot steaming cup of coffee that is supposed to taste like Tortuga Rum cake.

I personally have never tried Tortuga rum cake but if it is anything like this coffee, then sign me up for a piece, please. It is sweet, flavorful, strong like the rum but not too strong, and it does a little jig on the taste buds as it flows down. And every time I sip this hot liquid, I am transported to the watery fun ride, smelling the water, and hearing the parrot at the beginning screaming at you.

I give this coffee a 5 out of 5 because of the flavor and on my list, even though I enjoy every sip, it sits at a 7.

In these trying days when we have to stay at home, any bit of Disney makes the heart happy and helps to comfort me. So this coffee, as well as the others that I have tried, have definitely been like giant Disney comfort blanket that I can enjoy again and again until the day we can take our little family to Disneyland and play.

If you wish to try out this delicious Redhead Rum, here is the link. Though it does say that it is Sold Out so you will have to check back for when they restock it. But trust me, it will be worth it.

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