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101 Paranormal Writing Prompts

Volume 1 & Volume 2

Written by J. Dodson

I love writing prompts so I went on a search for some writing prompt books in the genres that I love to write such as fantasy, paranormal, mystery, horror, YA….and I stumbled on these two books by J. Dodson on Amazon. I decided to take a chance and bought Volume 1 and Volume 2.

I haven’t used Volume 2 just yet but have used a couple of prompts from Volume 1, the book has vanished mysteriously, that I will be posting in a bit in separate blogs. I have my suspicions that there is a little 1-year-old girl hiding my things. (lol) But I am quite surprised by the prompt books. They came in the mail at the beginning of this year and I cracked them open instantly.

I was a bit shocked as the prompts are one word to a short sentence and they barely took up the book. I looked towards the back and to my fascination, there are smaller chapters giving you more challenges. I wasn’t expecting that and though I haven’t tried any yet, I am excited to give them a go.

J. Dodson, the author, has put quite a bit of thought into these books so that he can help writers break through their writer blocks or just for helping writers have fun with their writing.

I am glad that I bought these books. They are fun to read and to write about when you use the prompts, even though I had thought originally that there would be more to them. I am happy with the sizes and the prompts provided. Plus challenges in the back to try out? Yes, please!

Now, these books may be small but give them a chance. And remember that this is my review and my opinions about the books. You may check them out and not like them or fall in love with them but give them a try please. And let me know what you thought about these two prompt books too. I will post the links below in case you want to check them out. There are paperback and Kindle versions of both.

Paperback and Kindle available
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  1. Sarah Ballou

    Those sound neat! I love watching paranormal shows on t.v. even though I end up freaking myself out sometimes.

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