5,000 Writing Prompts

5,000 Writing Prompts

A Master List of Plot Ideas, Creative Exercises, and More

Written by Bryn Donovan

Book Review

I stumbled upon this book while on Amazon by chance. I actually wasn’t looking for writing prompt books at the time but here it was sitting in front of me on my phone screen. But 5,000 prompts? How can one person deliver 5,000 writing prompts in a book without sounding redundant or accidentally writing the same prompt twice? I was intrigued and definitely hoped to one day own the book.

I added it to my Wish List on my Amazon account and actually forgot about it until my husband presented it to me for Mother’s Day. I was super excited when I got it and started to check it out right away to see just how Bryn Donovan has written this book to help writers with their writing and/or escape the clutches of writer’s block.

She actually has presented it in a way that is amazing! She wrote prompts for certain genres, 150 for each genre, and then she moves into other types of prompts like for Happily Ever Ending prompts, characteristic prompts, things someone can ask prompts, and the list goes on and on. 5,000 prompts all in one book and none of them are redundant or have been written more than once.

Bryn Donovan has spun a huge book that will take me years to go through whether I pick a new prompt each day or even write the same prompt again but spin the story in another way. That is why I like these prompt books because the same prompt can be used again and again, a writer’s mind can spin it into who knows how many stories. It is a lot of fun. This book will not only help me have fun with writing new short stories for my blog but will also help me beat writer’s block whenever it decides to attack.

Bryn Donovan did an amazing job with this book and I am definitely happy that my husband bought it for me. He supports me so much in my writing career and keeps pushing me to write so that one day I can become a published author. He buys me books, gives me time alone to write, and reads my writings whenever I am done and he has the time. So a HUGE thank you to my husband for looking at my Wish List on Amazon and buying this book for me. And thank you, Bryn Donovan, for writing this amazing prompt book.

I have attached the link below for anyone who would like to see the book and possibly buy the book. And of course, check back because I will be posting my short stories that I have written using these prompts. Enjoy the book and my short stories.

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  1. Sarah Ballou

    This sounds like a neat writing prompt book! I have a daily journal writing prompt book I use for grades K-3, and love seeing how ea h child responds to the prompt. I bet this book would be fun for middle schoolers and up. I’m sure I’d enjoy the writing prompts as well since writing takes my mind off the rest of the world.

    So glad Ryan blessed you with such an awesome gift that encourages you to keep on writing!

    1. crazdwriter

      Kierra has a writing journal too for her Kindergarten class where she writes narratives, opinions, and informative pieces and she is actually doing pretty well. She says that she wants to write stories so we have to slowly work up to that but she is doing really well. Soon she will be writing her own stories like me. lol

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