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In The Dark, Soft Earth- A Book Review

Written by Frank Watson

I was pleasantly surprised by an email waiting for me from an assistant with Plum White Press asking me to read and review a poetry book by the poet Frank Watson before it comes out this year on July 7th. I will not lie that I am not much of a reader of poetry but the name was intriguing and well picked by the author. So I said yes and soon I had the PDF in my account.

The title to me is soothing and makes me feel like I am sitting in a forest under the shade of the trees with my fingers digging into the soft earth underneath. It provokes imagery that sparks the imagination in a good way, and this is just the title along with an amazing cover picture.

Now to dive into the meat of the book, the words painted by hand by a mind full of life and longing to bring his work to the world. To think that this man sat down and wrote the words that came to his mind when he listens to it is a powerful image in itself. Frank wrote poems that were short and sweet but full of life and longer poems that provoked the mind.

I have to admit I have never read anything by this author but I truly enjoyed it. His poems are incredibly written and the themes of nature, love, dreams, and even spirituality come through in words that dance and form pictures in the mind.

And not only are there so many wonderful poems in this one book, ten books within this one book, but there is also some amazing artwork that I am sure the author took his time in picking for his book. All of the artwork helps the poetry book flow and gives the reader something pleasing to look at along with the words. I have even found quite a few poems written by Frank based around the pictures he has chosen which to me is a nice touch. And not only that but a whole section of this book is based around tarot cards, each having their own fun poem written about them.

I definitely enjoyed reading all of Frank Watson’s poetry and I really hope that you will, too once it is available July 7, 2020. I will post links to this book as well as a few others of his so that you can read more by this author.

The only thing that I personally didn’t care too much for was that there are a lot of blank pages at the beginning that sort of sets off the flow of the book for me at least. Again that is my personal opinion, you might like it or you might not but it is there so you know.

I hope you enjoy this book and the amazing poetry within its pages once it is available on July 7, 2020. And to Frank Watson- beautiful work, please keep it up. And to Plum White Press- thank you very much for reaching out to me and allowing me to read this book before it becomes available. I truly appreciated this opportunity.

Available July 7, 2020

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