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A Story About a Lighthouse – Chapter 1

101 Paranomoral Writing Prompts by J. Dodson

Writing Prompt # 7- The Lighthouse

Chapter 1

Standing tall and proud, the lighthouse emitted its light high above the steep cliff and the dark ocean to steer ships safely to the little town’s port. The waves crash below on the cliffs where the lighthouse stands and soothes the critters that live on or near the cliff. The lighthouse keeper washed the giant lenses every day so that the light can be seen for miles. He lived in the attached house alone with the feisty gray tabby that adopted him when she was just a kitten roaming the countryside. One night while it was storming heavily outside, the tabby ran under the stairs inside the house to hide. Thunder slammed the sky above, lightning raced across the gray clouds, and the rain pelted the roof.

The lighthouse keeper noticed that the light had gone out, which is probably because of the strong winds. He put on his rain boots, coat, and hat and braved the storm to see if he could see the light. The candle that he used sits unlit at the top of the tall dark lighthouse. He grumbled to himself as he rushed back inside and up the spiral stairs, hearing a ship in the distance. He swipes his matches and does his best to light the candle but the wind was blowing hard and it made it hard to light. The man heard the bellowing of the ship in the darkness again and he began to curse under his breath. He tried to light the matches again but because of a broken window he should have replaced two days ago, the wind was able to pass through easily and blow out the matches. Outside, the cliff shook violently as the ship slams into the base, sending rocks falling down on top of them.

He cried out and rushed outside, nearly falling down the stairs as he raced back down, shoving the door open and springing out into the pouring rain. He sloshed over to the cliff and stared down in horror of a ship covered in flames and no signs of life. He turned to go back inside to call for help but his foot slipped on the wet grass and he couldn’t stop himself, slipping off of the edge of the cliff. He fell onto the rocks below and bounced into the burning ship. His broken body kept him on the ship and he and the crew burned alive.

The fire flickers across the faces of a group of teens while Robby, a tall buff, dark brown spiked-haired teen, finishes telling them the scary story. The small group move closer together, clinging to each other and looking up towards the abandoned lighthouse. They then look back at Robby, their eyes wide and some of them with their jaws dropped open.

As if on cue, the door to the lighthouse springs open and a looming figure wearing a raincoat, rain boots, and a rain jacket comes racing down the walkway towards the group, letting out a terrifying sound. The teens scream when they see the figure racing towards them, some clinging to each other while a few of the guys jump up off the logs they sat on around the fire and face the figure. Robby laughs as he watches his friends freak out, grabbing onto his stomach since he is laughing so hard and it is hurting his sides.

The figure stops running when it reaches the fireside, lighting up another teen in a costume, “Boooooo!”

Robby stands up and gives his buddy a high-five, “Nice job, Ted.”

Ted, a lanky black haired teen, grins at the small group, “Got you all.” He laughs and sits down by the fire. “Man, it is cold in there. And dude it took you a long time to tell the story, felt like I was waiting in there forever.” He hands Robby the keys back since his family is currently taking care of the lighthouse until they find a proper lighthouse keeper.

“Sorry, I was just really getting into telling the story,” Ronny tells him as he sits back down and pockets the keys.

The teens excitedly talk to each other about the story as they spread back around the fire and begin to roast marshmallows for s’mores. They keep looking at the lighthouse from time to time as they work on eating their gooey chocolate treats.

After another hour, one of the girls stands up and stretches, “Okay you all, it’s time to head home. Let’s get this fire out and head home.”

Everyone moans but gets up and starts to clean up their mess, pouring water onto the fire and throwing away their trash in the bag one of the teens had brought with them. Smoke billows up into the sky, blocking the lighthouse from their sight as the teens hike back towards the parking lot and their cars. Unseen behind them, a cat runs past the fire pit that is now calming down with no fire inside and the smoke blowing away in the wind. Beyond the racing cat, stands a ghostly white figure standing just inside the front door to the house part of the lighthouse. Ted had left the door open and the ghostly figure steps back, closing the door and locking it with an unseen hand.

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