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Hernia Repair # 3

Date- July 2, 2020

The day after surgery when I woke up, I didn’t think I could move. I was in a lot of pain, uncomfortable, and afraid to move. My husband helped me up so I could use the restroom and brought me breakfast, coffee, and water up so I could stay in bed while he took our youngest downstairs to feed and watch over her.

I did take some Tylenol, praying that it will help the pain but this pain is a lot more than I had to deal with from my other surgeries. More invasive I agree.

I was struggling to get up to use the restroom and to even just sit up to watch a movie on the laptop my husband had taken upstairs for me to use. My body is not enjoying this and neither am I but I would rather deal with this than a hernia protruding from my stomach causing even more pain.

I did eventually get up and headed downstairs, that way I could be on the couch while my youngest takes a nap in our bed with my husband, who does work on his phone or whatever while she sleeps. I watched YouTube and thought about writing but the pain was too much and I just wanted to rest. Even breathing was giving me a hard time.

When Cara woke up, she and my husband came back downstairs and we watched TV together while our little one sat beside me doing her best to not touch my stomach. She has this weird thing where she comforts herself by sucking her thumb and either pushing her feet on my stomach or pinching my stomach. We are trying to break her of both habits.

But I did finally take more Tylenol and that seemed to help this time around, the pain not as bad so I was able to get up off of the couch on my own to get water or use the restroom. But of course, my amazing husband would not let me do too much. Though I did get my own lunch earlier since he was upstairs with Cara.

My husband made us dinner and eventually my parents brought home our oldest. She had a great time with them and I am so glad she did and that my parents were able to help out.

I went to bed early last night because I was exhausted. Just walking around took a lot of energy since my body is in pain and trying to heal. I am supposed to walk around as my surgeon has ordered me to do so but it is hard at the moment. Have to take it one day at a time. But again, I am glad I got this surgery done. I hope my hernia days are over.

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