Hernia Repair # 3

Hernia Repair # 3

Date- July 3, 2020

Today I woke up in more pain than yesterday. I could barely sit up and even had to catch my breath after the master bathroom because it is so short. We live in military housing and not sure if that is intentional or what but that toilet and the one in the hallway are short. where the one downstairs is a good height for me while I am struggling right now.

I am sitting on the couch right now as I type up these little blogs about my experiences but this morning I did not want to get up. I was not having it and neither was my body. So I did stayin bed this morning until it is once again time for nap. I then wiggled my way out of bed, made my way slowly down the stairs, and am now perched on the couch.

I will be asking for more pills once my husband comes back downstairs. But today so far has been a day of pain and trying to breathe through the pain as much as possible. We will see how the rest of today goes. And I am hoping that tonight I sleep a little better. I am still struggling with not laying on my sides and only on my back but I am doing what I have to do.

If you ever have to have surgery, make sure you always have someone there who can help you out. My husband has been the best in helping me with the kids and helping me personally. And my parents have been the greatest too, even in these hard uncertain times. I definitely could not do this on my own.

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  1. Sarah

    I’m glad your surgery went well Lacey! Keep resting, and hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon!

    1. crazdwriter

      Thanks, Sarah. Like I said just have to take it one day at a time and keep moving when I can. not fun but glad it is over with.

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