Which Witch? – Chapter 2

Which Witch? – Chapter 2

Writing Prompt # 72

Chapter 2

At the mall early Saturday morning, Glenda yawns as she heads inside to open the coffee shop where she has worked for the past 2 years. Unlocking the gate that closes it off from the rest of the mall and lifts it up enough for her to walk under. She slides it back down and locks it so she can work around the shop in peace and heads to the back of the store to put her things in her locker. After an hour of cleaning and prepping, Glenda starts the coffee machines to get warm calming smells to fill the air, waking up everyone else who is there early.

She has always loved the smell of fresh brewing coffee and she can’t help but smile when the aromas begin to tickle her nose. Three others join her and they wipe down the tables, finish prepping the sugar and creams, and get ready for the onslaught of half-awake mall-goers. One of her teammates slides the gate fully up to let those trickling into the mall that they are open for business.

Another hour passes and Glenda is making coffee drinks with a smile on her face and a light laugh with the chatter she has with the people she is serving the drinks to. She sees a few of her teachers and classmates come in for some coffee before their mall adventures. She says hi to each one of them as she hands over her finished drinks, wishing them a great day before turning her attention to the next drink she needs to make for the next customer.

One of the baristas tells Glenda to take her break and takes over making the drinks, while gently bumping hips with Glenda to get her to move. Glenda chuckles as she heads towards the back, removing her apron, and hanging it on a peg before she grabs a breakfast bar that she had brought from home, retrieving it from her locker. She returns to the front of the store in order to order herself some coffee and a nice warm breakfast sandwich but when she got to the front, both are already waiting for her along with her friend, Jazz.

“Jazz?” Glenda smiles and walks over. “What are you doing here?”

Jazz grins, her dark brown eyes sparkling, as usual, holding her own coffee and breakfast sandwich, “What I can’t come to see you at work now?”

Glenda laughs, taking her items off of the bar, and walks with her friend to the nearest empty table. “I am just surprised. I thought you would be busy at home with the party and all.”

They sit down together, Jazz pulling out a list and slides it over to Glenda so she can look at it. Glenda pulls it over to her and as she sips her hot Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel, she reads the things that still need to be bought for Jazz’s birthday party.

“I still have a few more things to get but I am almost done,” Jazz sighs pushing back her dyed purple hair over her shoulder. “You still going to come over early and help me decorate?”

“Of course,” Glenda tells her as she slides the list back over to Jazz. “Do you still want me to help you pick out your outfit?”

“Well, of course! I have three outfits but definitely need your help to pick out the right one to wear,” Jazz grins. “Come over say around 8 in the morning. We will pick the outfit, start cooking, making the special drinks, and decorate the inside and outside of the house. I am loving my birthday theme this year.” She takes a bite from her sandwich and chews with a grin on her face. After she swallows, she looks at Glenda, “You like the theme, don’t you? Magical Dreams? I know it is a little out there but with your magic and my party planning skills, this party will be one we all will never forget.”

Glenda eats her food in silence having wondered why she had wanted such a strange theme but she knew that Jazz is a little obsessed with both magic and dreams, so it shouldn’t have surprised her that she is basing her 17th birthday around them. She sips the last of her coffee and stands, tossing her trash into the trashcan that sits behind their table.

“I have to get back to work but I get off after 2 so I will meet you after that?” Glenda asks, turning to face Jazz, not answering Jazz’s earlier question about liking the birthday theme or not.

Jazz tosses her trash too, “Yes, meet me at the party store so we can get the last of the supplies. I am going to go try on some shoes that I had seen last week and liked, take pictures, and then we can figure out later which ones will look the best with whatever outfit we decide I should wear.”

“Uh oh, I take it there are quite a few of them by the way you are talking,” Glenda laughs as she waves and heads to the back to retrieve her apron. She ties it around her waist as she emerges from the backroom and gets on the cash register this time, waving to Jazz who waves back as she leaves, and sends another person on their break. She smiles at the next customer, “Hi, what can I get started for you today?”

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