Which Witch? – Chapter 4

Which Witch? – Chapter 4

Writing Prompt # 72

Chapter 4

Glenda groans when her alarm goes off early and she mutters something under her breath, the alarm growing silent. She rolls over, pulling the covers over her head, and ready to fall back asleep. Just as she is ready to slip back into her dreams, her phone rings, pulling her back out of it.

She pulls the phone under her covers and sleepily answers, “Hello?”

“You better not be going back to sleep, Glenda,” an overly excited voice nearly shouts in her ear. “Get up, get dressed, and get over here, young lady. I have bagels, cream cheese, and our favorite, grapefruit juice for breakfast.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Glenda grumbles as she pushes off her covers, swinging her legs over the side. “I’m getting up, Jazz, and I will be over there in twenty minutes, promise.” She hangs up her phone, hopping out of bed, and rushes into her bathroom to get ready.

Behind her, Glenda’s bed makes itself, the closet opens and her clothes she will be wearing for the day floats out and lands on the bed. Her tennis shoes and black shoes walk across the room and stop once they are at the side of her bed under the clothes. Glenda sings as she washes up and brushes her hair, her tangled hair becoming silky smooth with each stroke of her brush.

In ten minutes, she is fully dressed in her two-piece swimsuit, shorts, and shirt, hopping down the stairs with her dress, shoes, and present in her arms. She sticks everything into the car, returning to the house to grab a few more things she needs. She says bye to her parents after collecting a few bowls, dishes, and other kitchen items that her mom said she could borrow for the party, piling everything into the back seat and leaves for Jazz’s house.

Jazz stands in her driveway, waiting for Glenda to show up, tapping her foot impatiently on the ground. She throws her hands up when she sees Glenda turn her car onto her street. She waves her arms excitedly when Glenda parks in the driveway, rushing to the driver’s side and yanking it open before Glenda can get her seat belt off.

“Finally, you’re here,” Jazz shouts when Glenda climbs out of the car. “I have been waiting for you to show up forever.”

Glenda laughs as she opens the back door of her car, “Help me carry this stuff inside, weirdo.”

Jazz grins at her friend and they unpack the car, placing everything in the kitchen, Jazz chatting all the while. Glenda collects her dress, shoes, and the present from her car, locks it up, and heads inside to Jazz’s room to help her pick out an outfit, after setting the present down on the gift table by the front door. She places her own dress in the closet before she joins her friend in front of the bed where three dresses lay on top, waiting for her to check them out.

“Okay so here are the dresses and then the two pairs of shoes I had bought yesterday are…” Jazz glances around until she spots the boxes under her desk. “Oh, there they are.” She retrieves them and walks back over to the bed, opening the first box. She plucks out the new shoes, placing the deep purple heels on the ground and then places her new deep mauve heels next to them. “Okay, there we go. So?”

Glenda puckers her lips together surprised at how dark the dresses are that Jazz has picked for her night time party. She usually buys light-colored dresses but instead, there is a sleeveless black dress, one-sleeved dark red dress, and a butterfly sleeved purple dress that sparkles because of dark black glitter. She looks down at the heels and then back up at the dresses, still wondering why her best friend chose such dark dresses for her birthday night time dance party.

“Wow, these dresses are all pretty but why are they all so dark? You only wear dark clothes when you have lost someone,” Glenda looks at her friend while picking up the dark sleeveless black dress, looking at it more closely before she lays it back down, picking up the deep red dress next. Lastly, she picks up the purple dress, handing it to Jazz and pointing down at the purple heels. “These two I think will be good for the dance party.”

“Thank you, Glenda, and hey you never know, I could be mourning the loss of my childhood or something.” Jazz tells her friend, winking and laughing even though she knew it sounded stupid.

“Oh, ha-ha, Jazz,” Glenda laughs, shaking her head. “I am going to the kitchen to get some food. You get in your swimsuit, shorts, and whatever shirt you chose, and meet me in the kitchen.” She laughs again at her friend before leaving to get a bagel with cream cheese but she is a bit worried about her friend’s sudden want to wear dark clothing even if it is her birthday. Why is Jazz acting so strangely?

Jazz hangs up the dresses, placing the one she is going to wear tonight beside Glenda’s and grabs her new stunning black with pink polka dot two-piece swimsuit. She then gets out her olive green tank top and black shorts, heading into her attached bathroom to get dressed and ready for her party. She plays with her hair for a bit but grows frustrated and heads for the kitchen. As she walks closer, the delicious aromas of food being prepared begin to amuse her nose.

“Oh man, the food is smelling delicious,” Jazz says as she walks in to see Glenda sitting down and eating a cheese and jalapeno bagel toasted and smothered in cream cheese. She glances around her to see that her kitchen as come alive.

Pots and pans float here and there while ingredients for the lunch Jazz has planned float out of the cabinets and the refrigerator. They come together to either be cooked or thrown together to make a dressing for something. A punch bowl is slowly being filled with cold Sprite over a ring of frozen fruit.

“Eat!” Glenda tells her astonished friend, as a cheese and jalapeno bagel also toasted and smothered in cream cheese sitting on a plate slides over to Jazz.

Jazz picks up the plate still watching the surrounding commotion, “I have seen you do this magic stuff a thousand times, but it always amazes me whenever you do it.” She takes a bite from the bagel and perks up. “Oh speaking of magic, that reminds me. I found a cool old spell that will make the non-alcoholic sangria for later taste even better for dinner time. Could you cast it for me? Please?”

“A new spell?” Glenda grows excited. “Yeah totally, I can’t wait to give it a try.” She claps her hands together.

Jazz chuckles at her friend’s enthusiasm and finishes her breakfast, enjoying the last bite of her bagel and the tartness of the grapefruit juice. “So glad my parents left so we can do all of this. I can’t stand when they look over my shoulder when I first started to plan my party.” She rolls her eyes and laughs. “I love them but OMG can they be annoying.” She tosses her plate away and washes her cup before she heads for the hallway closet where she has stashed all the party decorations. “Okay my witchy friend, let’s get this house looking a-ma-zing.”

Glenda gulps down the last of her grapefruit juice and follows her to the closet, grabbing a few of the bags from Jazz. She turns her eyes to the stereo that sits in the living room and smiles, nodding her head a little. After a few clicks and knob turns, music bellows out of the stereo and the girls get busy decorating.

Streamers, all dark colors, stars, moons, clouds, and other fun decorations went up around the living room, dining room, and kitchen, creating a house of mystery and dark beauty. Jazz squeals in delight as her vision comes alive even better than she had hoped for thanks to Glenda’s help by her creating illusions with her magic.

“The inside looks amazing and now let’s get outside and make that backyard look like a dream. It’s almost time for people to show up.” Jazz rushes outside, skipping like a small school girl who just got her first kiss from a boy.

Glenda cackles as she heads outside, lunch ready for the onslaught of hungry teens sitting in the kitchen. Everything in the kitchen has grown still since Glenda no longer had to use her magic in there. The girls begin to decorate the outside while the time finally comes for the party to get started.

The doorbell rings inside and Jazz looks towards her house with a grin on her face. The front door opens by itself, allowing for their friends to walk through the enchanting house into the backyard, the teens leaving their gifts for Jazz on the table set up by the front door.

The glass door slides open, and the teens step out into the magic-infused backyard. Jazz and Glenda turn around from where they stand on top of the pool water in their bikinis with their arms raised over their heads and grins on their faces.

“Surprise!!” the girls shout together at their classmates.

Even though it is Jazz’s birthday and her party, they had kept the theme a mystery until that moment.

Everyone claps their hands and shouts, “Happy Birthday, Jazz!”

Jazz blows them kisses then her eyes open wide and she screams as Glenda’s magic lets her go and she falls into the pool water below. Jazz glares up at Glenda who looks down at her with an innocent smile on her face. Jazz sticks her tongue at her best friend and begins to splash Glenda who screams and holds up her hands to ward off the water to no avail.

“Okay, okay,” Glenda laughs. “We need to tell them where to put their party clothes.”

Jazz stops splashing, smiling triumphantly. “That is right. Okay, you all listen up! There are two hall closets that have been empty out so that you can stick your shoes and clothes in. Put them away, get into your swimsuits, and lunch is ready in the kitchen, made by our own little witch, so help yourselves, be careful, please, and enjoy.”

The teens turn and head back inside to hang up their party clothes and stash their shoes in the hall closets before they head into the kitchen to get a plate of delicious food. Soon music swoons the teens while they stuff their faces with amazing food and drink. Jazz makes her rounds saying hello and thanking her friends for coming to celebrate her birthday with her. She makes small talk while teens dance, eat, drink, or swim.

Glenda also makes trips in and out of the house to the kitchen periodically to make sure that the punch and snacks weren’t running low. She grins when she sees her endless bowl spell is working well on both the snack bowls and punch bowl. She also takes a few presents from a few teens who had come through the back gate instead of the front door, taking the presents to the table where they will be safe from the splashing water.

After a few hours of swimming, Jazz pulls Glenda off to the side since it was time to start dinner. She hands Glenda an old folded piece of paper from one of the kitchen drawers and heads back outside to keep partying with her other friends, telling Glenda to call her if she needs her help.

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