Most Likely To Die- A Book Review

Most Likely To Die- A Book Review

Written by P. J. Stanley

Yep, P.J. is at it again and has published a new book that I had to buy since I had loved his first book, Tell Me Every Lie, which I have also blogged about. And this book caught my attention not just because it is from P.J. but because it sounds like it is one of my favorite genres slasher horror.

Author- P.J. Stanley

I am a sucker for a good slasher movie or book like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer and this book had the makings of just that. So I bought it and read it in literally ONE DAY. Yes, I actually was able to read this book in one day because I could not put it down. I read most of it during nap time with my youngest and rest time for my oldest. I know I was shocked too but I loved this book so much I did not want to stop reading.

It has all of the classic slasher horror qualities from the cussing popular teenagers to the killer targeting the popular kids to the dance to end it all. I am in LOVE with this book and truthfully will not only read it again but totally want this to be made into a movie so I can enjoy it that way, too.

And I usually am good at mysteries and figuring out who the killer is before the end but nope, I got it wrong. The person I thought was the killer actually got murdered and then I was all sorts of confused trying to piece the story together to figure out the actual killer.

I am truly impressed with this book and if you like a good slasher horror, then this would be a good choice to buy for yourself. I can’t wait for more books by P.J. and really hope he does another one like this in the future. He has quite the knack for slasher books.

A bit of a warning like I said earlier there is cussing, and quite a bit, so just remember that before you buy the book, please. You have been warned! Now go get the book and read the hell out of it!

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