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The Infected Manuscript- A Book Review

Written by Julie Wenzel

I have bought a few prompt books written by Julie Wenzel and I thought to myself, I need to actually read something written by her. I LOVE the prompt books I have bought and have posted quite a few of my own stories based on her prompts but I wanted a bit more from this author.

So I hopped onto Amazon and found her and her books. Sadly, I found a few that are no longer available for purchase but then I saw this one. And once again those typewriter keys in the back behind a really nice looking house waved me over and told me I should read this short story. I bought it and literally read it in two days. I could have read it in one since it is a really eye-catching short story but I have two little rascals to take care of.

The title is also what caught my attention. Was the manuscript transporting ghouls out of the story being written? Or will the writer of said manuscript be transported into their own story? I knew that I had to find out and it wasn’t at all what I had thought.

It was definitely a nail bitter edge of your seat type of book as you wondered about the MC and how he keeps writing this zombie story when his family is waiting for him. He does go out to see them a couple of times but he basically misses them and keeps himself cooped up in his office writing.

But the twist at the end? Wow! That one caught me off guard and it was a really good twist in my opinion. So if you enjoy zombie stories with a twist then this would be a good quick read for you.

And please check out Julie’s prompt books. They are chalk full of fun stuff for writing whether you are a writer or not. Below is a link for her book, The Infected Manuscript so you can check it out yourself. Don’t forget to click on her name too to see her other books.

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