Writing Wrongs- A Book Review

Writing Wrongs- A Book Review

Written by Christine Gael

Like I have said several times, I am a sucker for a typewriter on the cover of a book tied to a good paranormal story. I ran across this one while cruising through the books on my Amazon Kindle on my phone and this cover and title drew me in. I then read what the story is about and I knew I had to read it.

I dove in and instantly was drawn to the MC, a woman in her 40s who recently divorced and moved home with her grandma or as she calls her, her Mee-maw. Working hard to get her life in order, she stumbles on a typewriter that for some reason she HAD to buy. That is when all hell breaks lose and things get really crazy for Cricket.

A crazy roller coaster based around this magical typewriter with some potential love interests and a family that sticks together no matter what and you have an interesting read. Oh and why not, just for good measures Christine Gael, the author, also throws in a group of witch hunters who want to steal the typewriter, steal Cricket’s gift tied to the typewriter, and kill her. Just a normal day at the office, right?

But just to warn you, even the author warns you, this story has a cliffhanger at the end, and it is a HUGE cliffhanger. I have already purchased the next book because I am hooked.

Well written, great story based around magic, family, and a typewriter, a love triangle between two guys, a murderous group, and characters you love or you hate. Writing Wrongs is a great read IMO so if you enjoy paranormal and magic, this book may be for you. But remember that it does have a cliffhanger at the end so be ready.


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