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The Name of Red- Book Review

Written by Beena Khan

The author, Beena, approached me on Twitter to let me know that her book, The Name of Red, was free at the moment on Amazon and asked if I was interested, to download it and write a review. I snagged myself a copy, unsure at first if it would be something I would enjoy but I committed myself and read it. After reading this though, I would have definitely purchased it.

Author Beena Khan

I was captured by the first few sentences as she describes this woman, who goes home and gets dressed in a beautiful red dress, grabs a book, and leaves to find a place to read. She stumbles onto a bar because of a storm in New York and then the story and mystery behind this woman begins to present itself more.

Beena Khan pulls you in as she introduces more characters who plays into the mystery of the woman everyone has nicknamed Red at the bar. One part I enjoyed was how Red begins to receive books from a secret admirer, and all of the books Beena adds are real books which makes it even cooler.

I had to read it over a month, unfortunately, but whenever I could grab a moment for myself, I was back into the world of Red, who we come to learn’s real name is Elif, Kabir, Nadia, Aryan, and Samar. Elif blows in with the storm, confident and guarded but Kabir is able to slowly weasel his way in, getting to know her better through books and, once Elif figures it is him leaving the books, interesting conversations. Nadia, Samar, and Aryan become entangled into the story with their own stories which makes the story juicier and amazing!

The ending caught me way off guard and I felt real tears burst into my eyes as I have come to know these characters as my friends. Beena threw in such a curve ball that it wrecks with the emotions. But this book is mysterious, fun, and plays with your emotions in such a way that you want to follow their story more. And the main character isn’t who you think it is or at least I didn’t catch it until the end. I have bought the second book so I can continue on their journey and I am looking forward to diving back into their world when I get the chance. And I heard that Beena is already getting the third instalment edited and ready to publish. I seriously cannot wait.

Thank you Beena for reaching out to me and introducing me to Red and the gang. I was pleasantly surprised by the book many times over and when you hit with the last bit as to why Elif wouldn’t get close to anyone, all I can say is wow. Amazing first book and I can’t wait to continue the journey with the second book.

Here is the link for Beena’s book. I hope that you snag a copy and give it a go. I am sure glad I did though I am not much of a Romance or Literary book reader myself.

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