Love Audio-books Now

Love Audio-books Now

Audio Book Review

Book Written by James Fuller

James gifted me an audio book of his book called Until Death Do Us Part, the first book in the Death Chronicles. And if you like vampires, death, sex, and a lot of fighting, then this book would be the one to buy.

Not only was it amazing, but the person he got to narrate the book for the Audio book, Eric Drummond, brought his own power behind the words he read. Eric did an amazing job bringing this book to life where it felt like I was in the book myself. And the characters were so well written that I felt like I knew them by the end of the book.

I enjoyed Audio books in the past when driving cross country from CA to VA and then again a few years later from VA to CA as well as on our family trip to TX but I never really thought of just listening to a book while at home. I decided that since James gifted it to me, I would take the plunge and listen while just relaxing at home during nap time for our youngest and break time for our oldest.

Hands down an amazing book written by James, who I have to say is really becoming a favorite author of mine. And Eric, the narrator, was a perfect fit for this book in my opinion. I really hope these two stick together for the other books in this series. I will definitely take into consideration buying the audio books for the other books James has and enjoy them in my house while I write or do other things. James wrote an amazing and thrilling vampire book and I am not a huge fan of vampire books. I mean I do like them, but this book hands down makes me like vampires more.

If you love vampire books and Audio books, then please take into consideration this one by James Fuller and narrator Eric Drummond. They both immerse you into a dangerous world where you don’t know if you will escape alive or be turned into a vampire yourself. Take the chance and dive in!

Thanks, James, I truly appreciate the gift and LOVED every delicious morsel of your book. And please let Eric know that he did an AMAZING job narrating your book for me.

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