S.J. Krandall, May I Ask You Something?

S.J. Krandall, May I Ask You Something?

Author Interview

I ran across this lovely author while scoping out more authors to interview and glad that I did. I love learning new things about new people and I hope that you do too. I want to broaden your knowledge about authors and get to know them hopefully enough to give them a follow on Twitter as well as become a reader of theirs. So buckle up and let’s read about S.J.

  1. What sparked your interest in writing?

I have always enjoyed the arts especially photography, drawing and writing. When I was younger I wrote poetry and now I enjoy drawing, making crafts and taking photographs. Many of my photos can be seen throughout my books and web pages. I have found that they enable my creative writing and I often find myself jotting down ideas and stories. I find that I am only limited to my imagination.

2. Has anyone in your life inspired you to write?

No, not really. It’s something I decided to do on my own, for my own sense of pleasure and accomplishment, but I have received incredible support from my family and friends.

3. When did you decide to publish?

I have always wanted to complete a book and I would always make little notes of possible story ideas. I am very imaginative and my passion for photography was also a source for my story ideas. It wasn’t until my ideas came together that I began writing more, focusing on one project. It was amazing for me to see my ideas unfold and become stories and I just kept going at it until I had a finished product. It made me want to write more and organise those stories into a complete book. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing process and the direction it was going in. With that came the pursuit of publishing.

4. Are you an Indie Author or Traditional Author? Why did you choose the path you did?

I am an Indie Author. I chose this path because I was enjoying the process and I wanted to learn something new. I like being creative and I felt I could be able to do so at my own pace this way.

5. What is your first published book?

It is called Fear Farm No Trespassers and it was published in July. It is the first of what I hope to become a series of short scary books for readers from teenagers to adult.

6. Are you happy with how your books are coming out? Would you change anything?

I am happy with how my book came out and I am still learning a great deal. This was all a new experience for me. I look forward to writing more and being able incorporate what I learn into my future work.

7. Will you continue to publish books for many years to come?

I plan of publishing more books in the future. I am working on my second book of the series now but I have no release date as of yet.

8. What genres inspire you to write?

I love the Horror genre and I have always been a fan of those types of movies and books since I was a kid. I find that the more suspenseful they are the better. Truth be told I love the old school eighties horror and I feel it is reflected a bit in my stories.

9. What is your favorite genre to write? What is your least favorite genre to write?

I write Horror now and I love it, so that would be my absolute favorite. I also like to dabble in writing children’s books but none are published. My least favorite would be writing in a non fiction genre but I could be wrong. I will never know until I try.

10. What challenges have you faced publishing?

My biggest challenge was learning how to properly format my book and navigate technology. I am not the most tech savvy but I believe that is going to change the more I learn. I still write my story ideas down in a notebook with a pen or pencil.

11. What challenges have you faced in writing?

The editing process was challenging and it took a lot of time. It was a new experience for me and was made even more difficult due to my limitations on navigating my way through technology.

12. Where do your ideas for your books come from? Where do you keep those ideas?

My ideas come to me often when I am surrounded by nature. Whether taking walks, sitting outside or even during my travels I find it is a great time to think and reflect. I keep a notebook with me or I use the “notes” section in my phone to write things down as I see them. I receive inspiration from what I see around me and I am usually quick to snap a photo. It helps me keep everything in perspective.

13. Are you also a bookworm and does reading other works help inspire your own writing?

I like to read and yes other works do inspire me, especially some of my favorite series and authors. I wouldn’t consider myself a bookworm though, I would to have read a lot more than I do, but I do have some favorites.

14. Do you have a website where we can follow you?

Yes, you can follow me on social media. Here are my links:

15. What is the link for your books so others may look and possibly purchase them from?

As a horror fan myself, it always great meeting other authors who love the genre. Glad I met this author and I will be adding her book to my ever growing to-read book list. And I hope that you do too.

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