A Quest For Love

A Quest For Love

Fantasy FanFiction Written For PaladinsGamingTeam

Chapter 1

The sun sits high in the blue sky, melting away the last of the powdery snow in a field surrounded by mountains and forest. Spring has made a loud entrance in the field, flowers of all colors popping up through the ground and swaying in a light breeze in between the green grass. Towards the south end of the meadow bubbles a swift stream, the melting snow slipping down the sides and joining the already icy mountain water, making the water levels rise. Birds swoop this way and that as they snatch up bits of Mother Nature for their new nests, singing their happiness for the warmer weather.

An archway made from entwined tree limbs, vines, and the first spring flowers stands proudly near the spring. A delicate piece of white lace has been placed on the grass, leading down away from the archway. A young elf stands under the archway, dressed in a nice long white tunic shirt and nice dark pants, his deep chocolate brown eyes staring at the family and friends sitting on either side of the lace. Faces smile at him as flute music flitters over the meadow. Soon a mighty white horse can be seen galloping towards them carrying a stunning woman in a long white sparkly dress with butterfly sleeves. Her long brown hair and veil flow out behind her as the horse draws nearer to the waiting group.

The woman gently pulls on the reins once they are closer, and the horse slows before it stops just beside the beginning of the lace. An elf steps closer, taking the reins from the elf bride while another older elf helps her slide off the back of the mighty beast. She smiles at the man as she fixes her hair and veil, pushing both back behind her, the tips of her pointy elf ears barely visible under the veil. The man holds out his arm and she gently lays hers on top, quickly kissing her father on the cheek. The two turn towards the wedding guest and the man waiting at the end of the aisle, and they walk upon the lace. The surrounding elves whisper and compliment on the elf bride’s dress choice and how happy the couple will be once married.

“Are you ready, Eric?” a voice asks behind the nervous elf watching his bride floating towards them.

Eric turns his gaze to the Elder Elf who will perform the ceremony and swallows hard. “I am ready but oh boy am I nervous.”

The Elder laughs and pats Eric on the shoulder, “As were all men who stand before their family and friends to proclaim their love and partnership with the one that they have chosen to be with.”

Eric grins like a schoolboy with a crush as he returns his gaze to the one that he will proclaim his love for and partnership with, his beloved Sarah. He brushes his fingers through his hair to make sure it is sitting right and then clasps his hands in front of him, doing his best to not let his nerves get the best of him.

Sarah beams as she walks towards Eric, excitement lighting up her autumn brown eyes and her glossy pale pink lips cannot stop smiling when she sees Eric. Her father glances over at her and squeezes her hand, not wanting to let his little elfling go but also knowing that it is time for her to go on with her life. They stop beside Eric, her father now looking at him with his golden eyes narrowed a bit before he takes in a breath.

“Eric, my daughter’s hand is yours. I am proud to call you my son and I know that you two will be very happy together. Keep her safe in this life and the next.” He gives Sarah a quick kiss on the cheek before laying her hand on top of Eric’s outstretched hand. He then turns and joins his wife in the first row so that the ceremony can continue.

Sarah stands beside Eric, squeezing his hand gently as the Elder says a prayer in Elvish, blessing the couple and those who are present to witness the wedding, which is everyone from their tribe. Eric steals glances at Sarah, only half-listening to the Elder speak. Finally, the couple faces one another to say their vows, Eric’s nervousness getting the best of him as he slightly stumbles over his words. Sarah and the others chuckle as Eric struggles a bit then applaud for him when he makes it through the last words. Eric laughs, bowing to the guests before he returns to look at Sarah.

Sarah clears her throat, ready to profess her undying love to Eric when a loud growl can be heard, carried by the breeze to where they stand. Everyone turns to look around, seeing nothing at first, then hearing the growl growing louder, they look to their left to see a giant dark figure hidden mostly by the glare of the sun flying towards them. They all squinted against the glare to see past the sunlight and to see what creature has entered the meadow and is flying towards them.

“Dragon!” someone shouts as it flies closer.

The sun sparkles off the radiant silver dragon as it drops just behind the Elder Elf, its long nails digging into the ground and scratching up some flowers as it gets comfortable. Eric pulls Sarah into his arms as the others jump to their feet, knocking over chairs and trampling the flowers around them as they rush to stand together against the dragon. A figure wearing a dark cloak stands up on the dragon’s back once the beast has settled itself on the ground. The figure brushes back the hood revealing a woman with short deep red hair and distant black eyes. She purses her painted purple lips as she surveys the startled group standing before her. She smirks when she spots Sarah and Eric, shifting her weight as the dragon heaves a sigh.

“Ah, the happy couple. My master wishes me to tell you that the lovely bride will not be marrying you, elf boy. The mighty warlock Trent will become the husband of the lovely Sarah,” the woman says as she glares over at Eric, ignoring the restless elves around the couple.

Eric pushes Sarah behind him, his gaze never leaving the dark bottomless eyes of the intruding woman, “Sarah is staying here with me and becoming my wife, stranger. I don’t know who this Trent person is, but he is not taking my Sarah.”

The woman laughs evilly as she shakes her head, “Sorry, Eric, but she is coming with me so I can take her to Trent.”

“How do you know my name?” Eric asks, trying to stall so he can think of a plan to escape with Sarah and the others.

“Trent knows you, Eric, and the day he saw the beautiful Sarah in the town of Eagle Falls, he fell madly in love with her.” The woman sits back down on the dragon, growing tired of the chatter, the dragon stretching his wings as he too grows tired of sitting for so long. “Now enough talking! Sarah, it’s time to go meet your new husband.”

Sarah shakes her head, “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Well then, my pet here will destroy you all,” the woman growls. “Laeros, burn them.”

The silver dragon takes in a deep breath, then opens his great jaws to emit the flames he has called forth. Eric wraps his arms around Sarah, closing his eyes and turning her away so she won’t see the flames coming towards them. Sarah looks at her family and friends standing around her, preparing themselves for the flames to devour them, then up at Eric, knowing that she can’t let anyone die because of her. She closes her eyes for just a split second before she slips her engagement ring off her finger.

She quickly kisses Eric before placing the ring into his hand, closing his fingers around it, whispering, “I expect this back once you come and save me, Eric.” With that, she rushes forward towards the woman and the dragon, raising her hands over her head. “Wait!”

“Laeros, hold!” the woman commands as Sarah continues to walk towards them with her hands up in surrender.

The dragon closes his mouth, the flames that had threatened to spew out becoming nothing more than wisps of smoke out of the mouth and nose. He looks almost disappointed as he lowers his head, glaring at Sarah as she walks closer.

“I’ll go with you but please don’t hurt them,” Sarah says once she is beside the dragon, looking up into the woman’s eyes. For a moment, Sarah sees a glimmer in the woman’s eyes before the blackness took over once again, a shimmering navy blue. But the blackness devours the blue, forcing Sarah to look away from the sight for a moment, noting that the dragon has nothing but soulless black eyes.

“Climb up, Sarah, so Laeros and I may take you to your new home,” she says, holding out her hand towards Sarah to help her climb onto the beast’s back.

Sarah grabs her hand, startled by how cold it is, and clambers up so she is sitting behind the woman. She looks over to Eric as the woman commands Laeros to fly. The dragon leaps into the air, flapping his mighty wings, sending strong winds over the elves, and heads off towards the East. The elves watch, shaken to the core by what has happened until the dragon is almost out of sight, grasping each other and talking in rushed voices.

Eric watches helplessly as they fly away with Sarah on the back of the dragon, his eyes never leaving the spot even when the dragon is out of sight. He clutches her engagement ring tightly in his hand, letting it bite into his skin, vowing, “I will find you, Sarah, and bring you back home.”

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  1. Sarah Ballou

    Awesome! A story with my name in it sure caught my attention! My little guy likes to play castle with me and I’m always the princess and he’s either a dragon trying to kill me or a prince trying to save me from the dragon. He seems to enjoy being the dragon trying to kill me more, lol. I’ll have to keep reading through the chapters now to see what Sarah’s fate is!

    1. crazdwriter

      Aaawww that is so cute, Sarah. Little man trying to kill the princess and all. hehehe. Thanks for reading my story, I truly appreciate it.

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