Jordan, May We Know What Is In Your Head?
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Jordan, May We Know What Is In Your Head?

Author Interview

An Author will live inside their head for years, only giving us a glimpse of what really goes on in there when they publish a new book or if you catch them in the mood to talk about writing. This next author, Jordan, is one of those who will show us his world by writing, the best way any writer or author knows how to without having to speak out loud. I met Jordan on Twitter and am looking forward to learn more about him as we interact on Twitter, and I hope that this interview gives you a glimpse into his writing and his life.

1. What sparked your interest in writing?

 I was always creative. I moved around a lot as a child, and I wasn’t very good at making friends. So, I spent a lot of time in my own head. I played games in the backyard; imagined entire worlds and characters in them (I, of course, was the most powerful of them all. Everyone loved me.) In my teens, that manifested itself into writing screenplays for my Drama club, and short stories for my mom. 

2. Has anyone in your life inspired you to write?

My Mom. When I wrote my first draft of a short story, it was awful (I mean like… Bad, with a capital F.) But my mom treated it like gold and gave me the false praise I needed to continue on and better myself. 

3. When did you decide to publish?

 Prior to my deployment to my Afghanistan, I was interested in publishing. While I was there, I found time between all the ‘war stuff’ to write No One’s Hero. When I came home, I had no money, a divorce, and loads of all the usual sad stuff that comes along with it. But I also had a finished manuscript. And looking back, I think that saved me from myself. I poured all my effort and time in publishing. It distracted me from the more tragic realities of my life at that point. 

4. Are you an Indie Author or Traditional Author? Why did you choose the path you did?

I’m an Indie Author on account of the fact that I tend to write a bit out of left field. I don’t fault the agents and publishers for not getting behind what I write; if you’ve read my book, you’ll understand. Frankly, I know (who am I kidding; I HOPE) that I’ll be successful in the end, but I don’t blame businesses for not wanting to gamble on that.

5. What is your first published book?

No One’s Hero. A First Person Contemporary Fantasy featuring a young man who knows he was born to be the main character. The day he was born, the doctor informed his parents that he was, in fact, the main character. Since then, he’s been doing everything in his power to avoid the lead role. He does whatever he believes to be the opposite of what the main character would do in every situation. It’s pretty neat. I like it.

6. Are you happy with how your books are coming out? Would you change anything?

 I am. For a new guy I would say I’m a bit more successful than I expected to be (but I’m still in the Army so I’m not exactly making money hand over fist here.) I suppose if I could change anything it would be not dropping out of college to be a soldier and instead get a degree in marketing because MY GOD is trying to get this book out there just a wild ride.

7. Will you continue to publish books for many years to come?

 Even if I’ve only got one reader, I’ll keep writing. It’s my passion, and my dream. 

8. What genres inspire you to write?

Everything. All the things. I can find inspiration in a Corn Flakes ad if I have a bit of music playing. 

9. What is your favorite genre to write? What is your least favorite genre to write?

Contemporary (Modern) Fantasy. I like taking the world we know and just twisting it around in a wild way. My least favorite would probably be horror. I’ll be frank, people have tried to kill me, and I never batted an eye, but let the lampshade cast a spooky shadow on the wall at night and I’ll panic. 

10. What challenges have you faced publishing?

 All of them. I’ve googled everything from “How to market an indie book,” to “Can I threaten people into buying my book?” Results have been varied thus far. 

11. What challenges have you faced in writing?

The English language is dumb, if I’m being frank. There are a lot of arbitrary rules for writing that shouldn’t apply to creative writers. I take pride in my work, but I refuse to entertain the idea that if I don’t “write a certain way,” and make my fantasy novel sound like a college APA style paper, I’m somehow a “bad writer.” Then again, I got rejected by thirty-nine publishers, so maybe I’m an idiot. 

12. Where do your ideas for your books come from? Where do you keep those ideas?

 It’s a process. The ideas themselves come to me randomly. Maybe I’ll see a movie or read a book, comic, or some manga. Sometimes I’ll just see someone do something funny and that sparks something in me. But I need to take that raw idea to the shower with me. I get in, get it nice and steamy, and then just spin around slowly like a rotisserie chicken until the idea is fully developed. And then I write it down on a notepad. Kind of anti-climactic, I know.

13. Are you also a bookworm and does reading other works help inspire your own writing?

Yes, and no. I LOVE to read, but whenever I read something really good I’m just like “I have to go write something right now!” So I have a lot of unfinished books that inspired me to write. 

14. Do you have a website where we can follow you?

Yes. I made it myself. I say that not with pride, but as a caution. I/Made/It/My/Self. And I had NO IDEA what I was doing.

15. What is the link for your books so others may look and possibly purchase them from?

As of the time of posting, I’m an amazon exclusive, but as of January 20th, I’ll be onto most of the other major platforms as well. Amazon:

As an answer to something that you had said in one of your other answers on the interview, no Jordan you sir are not an idiot. It just means that you have yet to find the right agent or publisher who will take you on as a client. Do not give up if you wish to go that route as well.

I always enjoy an author with a sense of humor, and Jordan definitely does with some of his answers. It made me smile and definitely want to read his book. I hope that you enjoyed reading about the author Jordan and will follow him on the first link while buying his book from the second link. And I wish Jordan all the luck on his path as an author.

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