You are currently viewing Unforgivable- Part 1- OMG!

Unforgivable- Part 1- OMG!

Written by James Fuller

Narrated by Bradley Snedeker

I am loving Audible books more and more because I can listen to it while cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and while working out on my stationary bike. And I have to say that I am loving every single book I have listened to so far by James Fuller. This book, Unforgivable Part 1, is no exception! I cannot believe how this book flowed and how you are sucked in immediately once Bradley utters the words that James has written.

You can feel the love, anger, despair, hatred, all the emotions spun into this story whenever Bradley uses his powerful voice to read you the story and when he changes his voice anytime a character appears. Bradley brings forth every emotion imaginable when he talks, making you feel everything the characters are feeling.

James is definitely a master with a pen, and I can’t wait to read more. He has captured the horror of an event in the beginning of the book and makes me crave for the revenge that came after. You will cheer on the one who survived death in order to bring down the hand of justice and revenge, not only for his family as the character might like to think but also revenge for those families who couldn’t step up to the nobles or the rich who wanted to take everything away from them.

James also knows how to find amazing narrators for his books. I have not been disappointed yet by any of the readers of his audiobooks, and I am so pleased that James works with some talented people.

I can’t wait to listen to Unforgivable Part 2- both audio books having been gifted to me by James himself. His books are scary, thrilling, and magical all at the same time. I hope you grab a copy of this on audiobooks or even in Kindle or paperback, depending on what you like to read. Also, check out his other books while you are checking this one out. He has a lot of outstanding books, and I really want to read them all. James Fuller has made his way onto my favorite Indie Author shelf. And I hope nothing but a bright future for this author and his writing career. Unforgivable Book 1 (Audible Audio Edition): James Fuller, Bradley Snedeker, James Fuller: Audible Audiobooks Unforgivable: Book One eBook: Fuller, James, D, Donna, Valenti, Juli: Kindle Store

Unforgivable: Fuller, James: 9781516951604: Books

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