Unsolicited Murder
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Unsolicited Murder

FanFiction Story

This is the last story I wrote for the FanFiction competition for PaladinsGamingTeam on Twitch, and this is the story that won me first place. I was so shocked and happy that they picked mine to win first place. I was not at all expecting it, but they voiced how much that they loved it and it made me feel so proud of myself. I hope you enjoy this story as much as they did and as much as I did writing it.

Story- Chapter 1

With hands shoved in his black trench coat, Adam shakes his head as he stares down at the body of another female victim. This made five in just a little over two months and with no good evidence collected at each of the sites and no witnesses, Adam and his icy blue-eyed partner, Kyle, have no leads. Adam pulls out a notebook and pen, flipping it to a blank page and takes notes of everything that he sees, his partner off interviewing the husband.

He glances up when he hears shoes crunching on the ground from somewhere behind him, heading his way. He turns to see Kyle walking towards him from the side of the house, unable to use the front door since that is where the body lays, his own black trench coat billowing out around him as he strides towards Adam. He tips his fedora when he passes a few officers who are keeping the scene clear of onlookers who are trying to steal a glance of the body and continues until he gets to his partner.

Kyle stops beside Adam and sighs heavily when he sees the body of the young woman lying in her blood, knife marks apparent on her body. Her blonde hair sticks together and is painted red, her makeup smeared, her beige high heels set up nicely beside her feet, and her skirt and blouse bloody yet without a wrinkle. Her purse is strewed about as if the woman were going to be leaving for her job for the day. The only thing that told them she fought back is her messy hair, makeup, and the way she is laid with her hands stuck in position like claws. But Adam and Kyle knew the nails would hold no secrets as the killer always took their time to clean off any traces he or she was there.

“This makes victim number five,” Adam mutters. “Way too many deaths so close together and always at the victim’s house at the front door.” Adam scratches his beard as he looks up at the nice cookie cut house that looks the same as the surrounding houses.

“The husband found her when he came home from work two hours ago,” Kyle tells Adam as he reads the notes he took from his interview with the husband. “No children, and no enemies that he could think of, so he doesn’t know who would want to murder his wife.”

“Sounds like all of our victims so far, but that just tells us that the murderer is murdering for fun?” Adam questions the cases, unable to see the connections.

Kyle shrugs, “It happens at the front door so it must be someone the women either know or…” His eyes lit up and he looks at Adam whose eyes also lit up.

“The murderer is trying to sell them something,” Adam and Kyle say in unison.

“But how is this person picking his or her victims? And how can we prove it is a salesman?” Kyle says, scratching his head under his fedora.

“I don’t know but we need to get back to the office and look at the timeline again, adding this poor woman, Elizabeth Smithson, to it and see if maybe we can figure anything else out to help us stop this serial killer before he or she claims another victim.”

Adam turns and waves his hand, putting away his pen and notebook in his inside pocket of his trench coat. He adjusts his own fedora and the partners head back towards their black car while the coroner walks over to do his job.

Kyle and Adam walk through the onlookers, ignoring those who are asking them questions since they knew they are from the local news station. Adam slips in behind the wheel while Kyle sits in the passenger seat, both quiet on the drive back to their building, the wheels in their heads turning.

Once back at their building, a plain building on the block, they walk inside to see other detectives hard at work on their own missing or murder cases. Adam and Kyle say hello to a few of their colleagues before they retreat to their corner where they have set up shop. Adam sits down at his desk, staring up at the board that they put together for their case. His eyes scan over the board that they have created, staring at each face as if they would start talking to him about their deaths and tell him who did it. But the four women stay silent, smiling at Adam with no words.

Kyle sits down in his black chair beside Adam, resting his elbows on his knees. He shakes his head, growing frustrated, and tosses his hat over onto his messy desk. Kyle gets back up after grabbing the picture the husband had given him during the interview and adds the picture of the latest victim, Elizabeth, to the board at the end. He writes the date and time of death that the coroner had given them above the picture. He sits back down, exhausted from having been up all-night working.

Adam glances over at Kyle, “Maybe we should call it a night, Kyle, and get home to rest. We can’t figure this out right now on exhausted brains.”

Kyle nods, wiping his face with a hand, “I think you’re right. Hopefully, the report will be in tomorrow from the coroner and maybe he will find something else that will help us crack this case.”

Kyle and Adam turn their lights off on their desks to let the others know they are leaving for the day before Kyle grabs his hat and the two walks out of the office to their cars. They say their good nights while Adam slips in his black car and Kyle gets into a green four-door car. They drive off in opposite directions as they live on either side of the small town of Rock Falls in Tennessee.

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