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The Haunting of Whitecrest Estate

Written by Hazel Holmes

A Book Review

I love a great story, one that has hauntings, scary spooky ghosts, and a backstory that shows why a place becomes haunted. I found this book while checking out a website that shows great kindle books for free or that are on sale and I am very glad I could grab this gem of a book. Haunted houses are amazing and this book was no exception. Hazel wrote a masterpiece with this book, and it is a part of several books written by other authors based around haunted houses.

Hazel took the idea of a beautiful mansion like house that is used for fostering children by one woman with a big heart and spun it in a way that makes you wonder what is lurking in the dark shadows of the house. She even wires in a dream room in the house that has been built just for the children so that they can have their own hideaway in the house that they can call their own. Also, once things become strained for the woman and the town she lives in, a place where the children may hide to escape if anyone broke into the house, which sadly happens. The woman is sadly murdered and they find the children in the room and go missing. Hazel takes you by the hand and leads into a mysterious and dangerous world that is based around the Whitecrest Estate.

Fast forward a bit in the book after the murder and disappearance of the children and a niece, Julia, of the woman moves into the house with her own husband and child, having been blessed by her aunt having left them the house in her will. They are in total shock the house is theirs in a new town, with new opportunities for their son and themselves with new jobs. But because of the harsh rumors around the strange disappearance of the children and her aunt’s strange death, Julia and her husband are stopped from getting jobs. After staying in the house for a while, and being visited by the ghosts of the children and her aunt, Julia and her husband are determined to find out the truth and to find the one who had her aunt and the children murdered. After their son begins to play with the children, saying their names when neither Julia nor her husband or even the groundskeeper had said their names, they knew in their hearts that the children were no longer with the living. They want to keep their son safe since whoever had murdered their aunt is more than willing to harm a child if it means getting their hands on what they want. But can they find out who murdered their aunt and children before the murderer or murderers come back for them? The house seems to be a desirable commodity, and it looks like someone will do whatever it takes to get the house, even murdering innocent people who stand in their way.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat and any chance I got, I stole time to read this amazingly written book. I didn’t want to put it down until I found out who murderer was and to see if Julia could be brave enough to save her family against the unknown inside the house and from someone who threatens them in the town. This book has placed itself on my favorite horror mystery bookshelf, and I will most likely read this book again in the future. Well worth a look if you like horror, mystery, and haunted houses. I will post the link below for this book so that you can decide for yourself if you want to purchase and read it. Also, you can check out the 22 book series she is a part of, all haunted houses books.

The Haunting of Whitecrest Estate: A Riveting Haunted House Mystery (A Riveting Haunted House Mystery Series Book 19) – Kindle edition by Holmes, Hazel . Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Here is also the link to Hazel’s author page on Amazon so that you can see her other book she has written as well, another haunted house book. Hazel Holmes: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

I hope you grab a copy of this book, sit in the dark, and read to your heart’s content, unravelling the mystery around the haunted Whitecrest Estate.

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