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My friend, Barbara Avon, has so much to say about her love of writing that I agreed to another interview with her. I am so happy that she wanted to do another interview with me. I want to help her in any way that I can because I believe in her as a writer, a friend, and an imaginative person. She is amazing and her work deserves to be out there more. I have read several of her books and have loved every single one of them. I hope that reading more about this awesome author helps you to choose her as your next author to read.

Let’s dive in and let me introduce you to Barbara Avon again!

The Interview

Can you tell us about yourself?

First of all, thanks so much for this opportunity! I’m a multi-genre author living in Canada and I’ve been publishing for the past six years. When I’m not writing, I’m cooking. I can’t bake, though. It’s too much of a science and my brain doesn’t like science!

How did you get into writing?

I began with poetry in my teenage-angst years. Then, in Grade 9 English class, my teacher asked me to read my short story out loud as he had chosen it as his favourite. That story earned me an A + and I knew then that I would eventually write a novel.

You just published a new book and have quite a few published. Kudos to you! Now please tell us more about your work.

I wrote my first book in 2002 but I didn’t publish it until 2015. That story is a romance in the tradition of Nicholas Sparks. There are too many ideas in my head and I consider myself a storyteller — one that tells all types of stories — so a year later, I branched out into horror. I also write Fantasy (Time Travel), Thrillers, and Literary Fiction, but I have to say that I love writing horror. I love delving into those worlds, and I especially love exploring psychological horror.

You must have so much fun being an author who writes in multiple genres. But what we want to know is what drew you to write horror books?

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the dark, and mysterious side of life. I wanted to explore that mystery.

Do you have a favorite horror sub genre?

Yes, psychological horror which led me to pen “Sacrilege”. I’m less into “blood and gore” horror.

Oh I love reading that sub genre! No wonder I enjoy your books as much as I do.

Please tell us, where do you get the inspiration for your books?

I usually take inspiration from a word that I find interesting. I always pick the title first and that, in turn, inspires the rest of the story. For example: “Simpleton”. My book “The Simpleton” was actually my first horror.

What about influences? Do you have any influences in the literary world?

Jack Finney (Of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” fame), inspired me to write time travel. His book “Time and Again” still sits on my bookshelf.

Do you have any favorite books, stand alone or series?

I’m a book lover but I don’t have a favourite, per se. Each story is unique and the books that I do own all mean something different to me. These days, I have a couple shelves full of Indie Author books.

I definitely agree with you when you say each story is unique. There are so many out there, and I am happy to know that you are apart of that world with your own books, Barbara.

We have talked about horror quite a bit in your writing and now I am curious to know, do you fear anything?

Death — what lies beyond. The unknown, to me, has always been the scariest thing. I’m more frightened about what I can’t see than I am of a decapitated corpse!

Something you and I have in common. I too fear death and what is in the beyond. I know that I shouldn’t but not knowing is what scared me the most.

Has your writing in the genre of horror changed your mind set about fear at all?

No, not really. I am curious by nature, however, and writing horror has surprised even me when it comes to the human psyche – even if I am the one writing the story.

Do you have any advice for those who may be reading and wanting to dive into their own writing journey?

Step 1: don’t be afraid. Don’t let your own self-doubt prevent you from sharing your stories with the world. Be brave. Be bold. Be different.

Do you have any fun projects that you are working on now?

Yes, I am. I’m working on a sultry romance set in 1982 that includes some dark themes. It’s my first break from horror in a while, but I promised someone special that I would write them a romance next! The compromise was that I could write one with dark themes included.

Cover of her new book

Can you share with my readers links where they can follow you on social media and where they can find your books?

You can visit my website here – Barbara Avon – Author (There’s actually a free horror story here! – FREE HORROR SHORT | barbaraavon On Amazon – Barbara Avon: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle and on Twitter: @barb_avon 

Thank you so much for doing another interview with me so that we could find out what you are up to. I love reading your books and really hope that my readers will dive into one of your books soon. I still have to say my favorite from yours is Q.W.E.R.T.Y. and the second being A Letter to Claudia. They both go together and the way you wrote them, made me want more and to find out what happened to the characters. I cannot wait to read more of your books, Barbara. Keep up the great writing and maybe we can do another interview again later to update our readers where you are at in your life and writing journey.

Thank you all for reading my interview and please check out the books we talked about on her Amazon account. I hope that you buy her books and keep a look out for her new books in the future. She has a new book she is working on now so keep an eye on Amazon or on her website to find out when it is published.

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