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The Woodcutter- Book Review

Written By: Kate Danley

I wanted a book that was magical not only on the pages but how it was written and I found that when I by chance found The Woodcutter on Amazon kindle. I wanted to read a fantasy, one that would spark the imagination and one that would draw me in so that I could barely get out. And I found that book when I read the synopsis of The Woodcutter. I didn’t know what to expect but it was a wild, enchanting ride that I would take all over again. Kate Danley used her magical pen to write a book that captivated her audience, and it sure captivated me.

If you love reading books that are based around fairy tales come to life then this is definitely a must read for you. The main character, The Woodcutter, is an amazing character who takes care of the woods and he isn’t at all what I had expected. I won’t give away too much about the characters or the story because I want you to grab yourself a copy but let’s say this: The Woodcutter is such a pure, magical character that he makes this story ten times better.

I will say that some of the other characters like the 12 dancing princess, Red Riding Hood, and the Evil Queen make an appearance, weaving their own magic to the book. They, plus the several other characters, made this story gripping and you are taken to another world that is dangerous and beautiful and terrifying all at once.

I know I didn’t say much but this book is so good that I am at a lost for words and that doesn’t happen very often. It is a book that I look forward to reading again and even allowing my girls to read once they are older too. Take the time and grab yourself a copy if you are into a fantasy that pulls you in and doesn’t let you escape.

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