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Deadly Moon

Writing Prompt

It’s 3am when an official phone alert wakes you up. It says, “Do not look at the moon.” You have hundreds of notifications online and on messenger from random numbers saying, “It’s a beautiful night tonight. Go look outside.”

Short Story

Chapter 1

I sit down with my laptop bag and caramel Frappuccino at one of the empty tables near the back of the little coffee shop in my little town. I set up my laptop so that I can get some work down before I have to head back home for the night. I turn on my laptop after a few glorious sips of my Frappuccino and glance around the small coffee shop. I wave to a few of the patrons who I know before I log into my laptop and open the file that holds my newest book. I scan over the part I have already written so I can remember where I was going with the story.

I can hear the voices of the other coffee drinkers, but as I type away at my story, everything melts away, and I am transported into my book. After a few hours, I come out of my made-up world and look around the coffee shop. The coffee shop is nearly empty now, with only a few college students hanging around. I stretch my arms up over my head, listening to my stiff joints pop. I save my work for the millionth time before I turn off my laptop. I pack up my things and order another coffee before I leave to head home to do a few chores before I cooked dinner and headed to bed for the night. I take a sip of my coffee, waving to the baristas, and head out to my white 1965 Ford Mustang. I slip in behind the wheel, setting my bag on the red and white striped passenger seat, and sit my coffee down in the cup holder.

The mustang roars to life, and I pull out of the parking lot. I point my trusty mustang towards my cabin in Lafayette, Tennessee, and sing along with the country song that crooned out of my radio. In no time, I park my mustang in my garage and grab my bag before I walk out to stare at my quiet neighborhood. I watch as a few of my neighbors wave to one another then walk into their own homes, some that look like modern houses, others like cabins, and still others that look like brick castles. Our unique neighborhood always makes me smile when I look at it and think about the families who live inside, all of them being my friends.

I wave to a few of my neighbors and to some kids who are outside enjoying a nice crisp fall day before I turn back around and head into my garage, closing it after me and shutting out the outside world. I walk inside, closing and locking the door behind me before I walk further into my kitchen, where the door from the garage leads. I smile when I see my two cats, an all-black female cat named Shadow, and a white and gray male named Tiger, rush to greet me.

“Hello, my kitties,” I say as I kneel down and give them both a good scratch under their chins before the three of us walk out of the kitchen.

I stifle a yawn as I store my laptop bag in the hallway closet before I return to the kitchen to start dinner for the three of us. I walk over to the refrigerator and pull it open, peering inside to see what I have to make for dinner. I hum to myself as I decide what to make since I had skipped lunch while working on my story at the coffee shop. I had once again become so engrossed with my new world that I completely forgot to eat. Tiger and Shadow meow at my feet, also wanting something tasty to fill their growling tummies.

“Okay, okay, I’ll get you something, too,” I chuckle and grab some items to make myself a salad. I put everything down on the gray and white marble so I can cut up the tomato, onion, cucumber, and other items I want. Next, I pull out the thawed chicken and turn on my little grill that sits on my counter top. A grilled chicken salad sounds amazing!

I turn on my little grill that sits on the counter and while it warms up for me to grill the chicken on, I pour wet cat food into two cat dishes. I place the dishes down and lean back against the countertop as I watch Tiger and Shadow devour their food. I laugh and turn when the grill beeped, letting me know it is hot enough for the chicken on to cook it. I place the raw chicken on it and let it cook thoroughly.

After I finish eating, I clean up the kitchen and whatever I used to cut and cook with. I go into the living room and sit down on my couch, flipping to a channel that only plays horror movies. I decide to do a little writing and hop off the couch to get my laptop, pens, and notebook from the bag in the hallway. I sit back down on the couch and get comfortable before I grab my lap desk, set up my laptop, and get back to typing up my story while consulting my notebook where I have hand written out the story first while a woman screams on the TV.

Several hours and three horror movies later, I save my story again before setting it off to the side on the couch. I rub my eyes and look over to see Tiger and Shadow sleeping peacefully in their beds. I unfold my legs and stand, stretching my arms up over my head. I turn off the TV and pack my things back in the bag, leaving it in the hallway closet to grab tomorrow before I head off to work in the morning. I yawn widely as I make my way back to my bedroom, ready for a good night’s sleep. I change into my pajamas as I try not to yawn again, feeling more exhausted than before. I quickly brush my teeth, use the toilet, wash my hands, and crawl under my warm sheets. The October days and nights have finally cooled, so the warmth from my sheets is most welcoming for my tired, cold body.

I make sure that my phone is on vibrate and my alarm is on so I can get up early for work tomorrow. Once I am sure everything is good to go, I roll over, turn off my lights, and close my eyes. I feel two thumps on my bed, which told me that Tiger and Shadow have joined me for the night. They walk up closer to me, lay down, and the three of us fall asleep.

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