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Book Review

I LOVE prompt books but I have to say that I have found my all time favorite prompt book by the authors Melissa Banczak and Lisa Mahoney. I believe that I have all of them now. And if I don’t, or I do and they make new ones, I will definitely add them to my writing prompt bookshelf.

I was looking on Amazon for some new prompt books. Like the cards I reviewed in another blog, I was looking for something fun, new, and different. I didn’t want just a prompt book that has prompts numbered down the page. And then I stumbled upon this book.

The horror prompt book is the very first I bought in this series and then I went hunting down the others. I didn’t buy the others until after I got this book delivered to my house. I grabbed a dice and picked a book. But I didn’t role the dice for myself. I decided to let Ryan roll the dice for me.

I have written the story based on what he rolled for me but I haven’t posted it anywhere yet. It still needs to be edited, too.

This prompt book is different and it also gives you pages for you to write inside the journal if you want to as well. I personally won’t write in the book itself. Instead, I grab my short story notebook, write down what is rolled, and then go for it with making up a story to go with the three things chosen.

Above is a picture of what one of the prompt pages looks like. Like I said, you grab a dice from a game you already have or you can get some die specifically for this, and the other prompt books and roll them, finding out what it is you’re going to write about.

If you want something different and fun, then grab a copy of this and the other Roll-A-Prompt books in this series. They have all different genres and they are definitely entertaining. Whether a book for yourself or a gift for a writer friend or family, this book is a great book to help you write short stories or a novel.

Here is the link to this book in case you wanted to check it out yourself.

I will be writing more short stories soon for my blog and I know that I will be using this book in the near future. Look for a future blog of a horror short story based on this book. Like I said before, I have written a story from this book but I need to edit it, then might publish it here or publish it as a book. We shall see.

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