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1850 Folgers Coffee- Trailblazer

Coffee Review

I know a lot of people don’t like Folgers. But I am not one of them. I really love Folgers 1850 coffees. And I mean all of them, too. From the lightest roast to the darkest roast. Trailblazer is a medium to dark roast and it was really good when we had it a few years ago.

Of course, just like I had done to other coffees, I had added sugar. But now that I don’t use sugar, I definitely want to redo this one and the other ones made in the 1850 Folgers group. I am always down to retry all of the coffees I have had in order to taste them without the sugar.

But from what I tasted from this one, it was dark and delicious. It wasn’t as bitter as I had thought it would be, which makes me think that I will enjoy it better without the sugar. It almost had a chocolate flavors if I remember correctly. But since I don’t remember correctly, I guess I will just have to buy it again.

Just have to start my coffee journey all over again with all of the coffees I have reviewed. That is going to be a lot of coffee. And I am so ready.

Here is the link to Amazon where you can buy Trailblazer. And you can also check out the other 1850 coffees to see if any of them look good enough to buy and try.

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