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33 Simple Prompts For Creative Writers

Book Review

I am on a roll with all of these horror prompt books. I have looked at the prompts and read a few but I have yet to write anything using them. The prompts look interesting enough to use though so I look forward to writing a short story using them.

And just like the other ones, this one has a page where you can write the story inside the book. But again, I will write in a notebook. I need more room to really get a good story out of me. I might have to write a story using that prompt up above soon. Should be a fun one to write.

I was drawn to the title again, of course, but also the art work. It’s simple but catches the eye because of its simplicity. It provokes, for me at least, a sense of fear and fun at the same time. What are the prompts? What will they be about? What can I do to make them scarier?

If you have any writing prompt books that you have come across, please let me know the title and the author so then I may check them out too. Doesn’t matter the genre as I love to try my hand at writing short stories in the genres I don’t usually write, like Science Fiction and Romance, as well as the genres I enjoy to write on a daily basis. And of course, I wouldn’t say no to some new horror writing prompt books that you have found and enjoyed. Leave a comment. I look forward reading them.

Here is the link to this book in case you want to check it out.

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