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Winter Jack

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider

OMG! I just saw this on a whim last year around Christmas time and decided to buy it for us to try. Well, it has been a year and we finally cracked it open. This isn’t your typical apple cider either. Jack Daniel’s took apple cider liqueur and blended it with their Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey along with some holiday spices.

This seasonal blended drink is so amazingly dangerous, you can get into trouble. It is light, sweet, and magical with each sip. And I say you can get into trouble because you could easily want another glass of it once you have finished the first. I am not a person who likes apple cider but Winter Jack is definitely different and a favorite.

This magical seasonal drink is so tasty that I will definitely make sure that I grab another one before we finish the bottle we have now. It is definitely that nice sweet drink that would go great with your Christmas dinner. And it also would make an amazing gift for that adventurous drinker in your life. Someone who likes apple cider and whiskey and might like to try them blended together.

You can find Winter Jack on their website, just have to be 21 and over in order to buy.

Or you can buy it at Total Wine & More.

Enjoy if you do decided to buy this one. I love it!

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