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Daily Writing- February 21, 2022

Writing Exercise

Think of yourself like you would one of your characters. Describe yourself flaws and all. Create another character who is the complete opposite of yourself.

Side Note

I will be writing this in two blog posts but here I am as I would describe my character.

Me as a Character

A female who stands at 5’7″ with tanned skin that loses some color in the winter but gets darker in the spring and summer, dark green eyes speckled with brown, and shoulder length dark brown hair with some lighter colors because of having dyed hair blue a few months ago. She is caring, kind, friendly, but does have a temper when pushed. Hates her weight and how she looks even though she gave birth two beautiful girls. Still madly in love with her husband and so happy to be able to celebrate each day with him.

She is an introvert in public, but an extrovert online. She has never been in a fist fight but if she had to, she would in order to protect her family or friends. She loves to play games on the phone, and board games or on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch with the family or just with the hubby. She loves to read, make jewelry, do woodburning when she can, go hiking, color in adult coloring books whether alone or having coloring time with the kids and husband, chat and lurk on Twitch for my gamer friends, and going to antique shops. She loves to do diamond art with her husband as a way at night to relax and unwind. She isn’t a huge drinker but when she does, she enjoys red or white wines, some beers, and whiskey.

Her all time favorite thing to do is to write. Write books, short stories, these exercises, and blogs. She writes horror, paranormal, mystery, general fiction, Steampunk (still working on this genre), fantasy, and young adult. She has also started writing children and one day hopes to write a few non-fiction books. She will be published for the first time this year. She already wrote children books for two different companies that will be published and her husband, children, and parents are proud of her. A lot of her gamer friends, their chat, and her other friend are proud and excited for her, too.

Her goals are to be the best mom and teacher to her girls, best wife and best friend to her husband who supports him in any time of need, to continue to get her books published, to continue to publishing her blogs even though she knows she doesn’t have a lot of readers, and to just keep writing. She would also love to travel more, to see other states and countries, as well as to see family and friends. She is afraid to fly but will do her best to calm her nerves so she can get on a plane with her family and travel to other places so they can make amazing memories.

She deals every day with a learning disability called Auditory Processing Deficit. It makes it harder for her to understand spoken things but even with this learning disability, she overcame her insecurities and graduated High School, Community College, and University getting he degrees for each one. She got her AA and Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and became a Preschool Teacher. She loved working with the little kids ages 2-5, teaching them all she could.

She has lost 4 babies to miscarriages but with her husband’s help, she stayed strong and now have 2 amazing children. She is only 38 and has carpal tunnel in both wrists, but she doesn’t let that stop her from writing. She has had several moles removed since she saw them change and she didn’t know if they would become cancer since she is proud to be a foster adopted baby who doesn’t know her medical history except from what she has had in her life now with her amazing parents.

She has had three surgeries to fix the hernia she got after having her second daughter. Also had to have surgery to remove her gallbladder due to stones. Has kyphosis of the spine (also known as the Quasimodo) and deals with constant pain in the back. She wears contacts during the day and glasses at night and when she first wakes up. She hates the dentist and going to the doctors but of course goes when needed.

She still believes in fairies, mermaids, and magic, not caring what others say. She loves thunderstorms, windy days, and beautiful sunny days. She isn’t too thrilled with tornados, snow or cold days but she now lives in a state with all sorts of crazy weather. She loves animals and now has 2 cats, 1 dog who is a service dog for her husband, chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl, mostly named with Disney, Pixar, and Marvel names since she is a huge Disney fan. She loves all things spooky and scary but hates going to scary mazes or houses because she loves doing the scaring not being scared, hence why her favorite genre to write is horror.

She is diagnosed with acne rosacea and only puts makeup on for special occasions. She loves Halloween and dressing up. She loves making her kids smile and laugh. She has an obsession with getting notebooks and pens so she has plenty to write in since she writes everything by hand first then types it up.

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I am Crazdwriter. I am a proud wife who is head over heels in love with her retired Navy husband, blessed mother of two beautiful daughters and 4 angel babies, a daughter of amazing parents, a bratty sister to an awesome older brother, a writer striving to become published and call myself author, and a blogger who needed an outlet my other writing. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.

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  1. Sarah

    This is the perfect character description of yourself!

    1. Crazdwriter

      There are a few things I may have forgotten but for the most part it’s me. 😁

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