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Daily Writing- March 10, 2022

Writing Exercise

Pick two characters and write a scene or short story based on something you thing of is forbidden or taboo.

What I consider forbidden or taboo

Drinking while pregnant

My Story

Casey laughed at her husband, Rick, while she rubbed her very pregnant belly. Rick joined in with her laughter while they watched a comedian on the TV. Rick had tried to tell a joke, like the comedian, but it came out sloppy which made it even funnier.

“Rick, I think you need to quit the comedy gig after that attempt,” she said and ate some popcorn.

Rick placed a hand over his heart and pretended he was hurt by his wife’s words. “That cut real deep, Casey.”

Casey threw popcorn at her husband and pushed herself up from the couch. She headed into the kitchen with her cup of water to refill it. She could hear Rick in the other room, cracking up as she pushed her glass to the freezer to get more water. She let some ice fall into the glass before she took a big gulp of water and added more water.

Casey waited until her glass was full, sat it on the kitchen counter, and peeked into the other room to see Rick was still on the couch, laughing away. Casey quietly snuck over to the cabinets where their glass cups are kept and grabbed a small one. She hurried back to the fridge, opened it, and grabbed the opened bottle of white wine. Casey close the fridge and hurriedly opened the bottle, pouring herself a generous amount in the glass. She put the wine away and took a gulp fro the glass.



Casey spun around , glass still raised to her lips, and her eyes wide when she looked at Rick. Rick stood in the doorway holding the popcorn bowl and a look of utter shock on his face. He walked into the kitchen, sat the bowl down, and snatched the glass away from Casey. Rick sniffed the glass then looked Casey in digust.

“Wine? Casey, you are 7 1/2 months pregnant. Why would you drink wine now?” Rick walked over to the sink and poured the wine down the drain. He turned around and glared at his wife. “How could you do that to our daughter and son? Did you forget what happened to your sister and her baby when she drank throughout her pregnancy? She lost the baby! And now you want to do that with our babies?”

Casey opened her mouth to say something but Rick held up his hand. “Nevermind! I don’t want to her your excuses right now. I need to gout and cool off. I will be back later. Don’t wait up for me. We will discuss this in the morning.” Rick left the kitchen and headed for the garage.

Casey jumped when the garage door slammed close. She covered her mouth with her hand and walked into the living room where she sat on the couch. She sobbed into her hands to the sounds of the comedian cracking jokes about his family and her husband driving away.

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