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Daily Writing- March 8, 2022

Writing Exercise

Pick and write down 4 adjectives, 3 nouns, 2 verbs, and 1 adverb. Now based on those 10 words write a short story.

Words I picked

4 Adjectives- Hidden, Dangerous, Enchanted, Loyal

3 Nouns- Cat, Castle, Ocean

2 Verbs- Listen, Trotting

1 Adverb- Mysteriously

My Story

A young black cat trotted to a large castle that was hidden from view by a dangerous looking forest. The sky thundered about her and the lighting flashed, which caused her green eyes to glow. The cat jumped behind a rock, frightened by the sounds.

She cocked her head to the side to listen for a moment and heard the sounds of crashing waves. She walked cautiously through the trees to the back of the castle. The cat stopped at the edge of a dangerous cliff and looked down into the beautiful ocean.

Not wanting to get too close, the cat trotted back to the castle. She walked around the castle to find a way to get inside before the rain fell. She found a door in the side of the castle that stood slightly opened and she walked inside.

She looked around and saw that she was standing in the kitchen. The little black cat walked through the enchanting castle. It was warm and dry inside. She hoped she could stay, even if it was just long enough to stay out of the storm. She heard the rain pound against the roof, and knew that it would be hitting the surrounding trees, ground, and even the ocean waves just a little ways from the back of the castle.

The cat heard a low humming that mysteriously started right after the rain fell. She followed the sound and found a young woman standing in front of a window. The cat watched the woman for a moment just inside the door before she carefully trotted closer. The woman continued to hum as she watched the storm outside, her eyes on the ocean.

The little black cat meowed at the woman to her attention, but the woman doesn’t look at her. The cat cocked her head to the side as she walked closer to the woman. She lifted her paw to touch the woman’s long white dress, but her paw passed through the dress.

The cat jumped back as the woman disappeared in front of her eyes. The cat saw the storm outside had stopped and she moved over to the window where a beautiful painting hung on the wall. In the painting was the woman next to a handsome man, both dressed for a wedding. She looked at the painting and then to where the ghostly woman had stood.

The cat jumped up onto the window and saw the cliff and ocean not too far below. Out on the ocean, she saw a ghostly ship sway in the saves until a large rogue wave pushed the ship into the cliff. The cat heard a scream and turned to see the woman had reappeared behind her. She stared at the cliff as the ship crumbled and was destroyed against the rocks. The woman cried as she watched the ship sank.

The cat looked at the painting and then the ghost ship as it sank and disappeared into the ocean. She finally understood that the man in the painting was the man had been on the ship. The loyal bride had watched the destruction of the ship with no chance of survivors.

The cat jumped down from the window and ran out of the castle. She didn’t want to deal with anymore ghosts in the lonely hidden castle.

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