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Daily Writing- March 12, 2022

Writing Exercise

Go outside and people watch and write a short story about using a person of your choice. How does your character interact with them?

Side Note

While I was out shopping, I watched two employees and how they interacted with customers and each other. We were buying baby chicks when I saw them and will be using one of these employees for this exercise. I will also be using a new characters since where Scout lives, chickens are not allowed.

My Story

Sandy headed into her local Tractor Supply. She had never been in one before since she had just moved to the new town but she had wanted to check it out since she had seen it when she first drove through the town. She had land now and had always wanted chickens and ducks so she knew Tractor Supply was the first place to go. But she didn’t know what to do after going there. Sandy’s grandparents had chickens on some land out in California before they passed, so she wanted some too. They had been a great source of eggs and entertainment.

Sandy walked around the store for a bit until she heard the sweet sounds of chirping. Sandy followed the sound and walked over to where they had an area set up for baby chicks and ducklings. She peered inside excitedly and read each information sheet on the chick and ducklings that the store was selling.

She looked up and saw two employees, talking not too far away. She watched the two, unsure of she should talk to them or find someone else since they seemed to be discussing something about inventory. One of the employees left to help another customer, leaving the tall blond haired, green eyes employee alone. Sandy cleared her throat and gathered herself, before she walked over to the man. She was nervous about talking to the man but she knew if she wanted chicks and ducklings, she had to get over her nervousness and talk to the man.

Sandy looked at the nametag before she walked over to talk to him. “Umm, excuse me, Hunter?” She shifted from one foot to the other as she cleared her throat again, her nerves getting the better of her. “I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

Hunter turned and smiled at Sandy, making her feel at ease. He raised his eyebrows. “Sure, no problem. What can I help you with?”

Sandy smiled at him, grateful for the help. She wasn’t big on asking for help, but she forced herself to do so whenever she needed it. “Well, I just moved here and I have a nice big backyard that apparently has what looked like a chicken coop and run.” Sandy pulled out her phone from her purse, found the picture she had taken, and showed it to Hunter.

Hunter leaned in to look at the picture and saw a rundown coop and a part of a chicken run. “Yes, that would be a chicken run and coop.” Hunter took the phone from her and zoomed in, shaking his head. “Not a well made on either so you’ll want to tear it all down and get yourself a new one if you want your own chickens and ducks.”

Sandy glanced over at the chicks and ducklings as they happily chirp their presence to everyone in the store. “I definitely do.”

Hunter gave Sandy back her phone and walked her over to the baby chicks and ducklings. “Well, then, let’s get you started.”

Sandy smiled, excited that soon she will have her own chickens and ducks as pets and a source of eggs. Hunter left for a moment, then returned with a few books about chickens, ducks and one about chicken coops. He handed them to Sandy. “These are a good starting point in doing your research about them if you haven’t started already. I also found one about coops so you can get an idea of what you want.”

Sandy spent a few hours talking to Hunter about coops, chicken runs, housing for ducks, about building everything herself or finding someone to build the coop and run for her. She discussed what she would need to keep the babies in before they can go into the coop, for how long, and what food to feed them.

“Okay, I am going to read these books and tear down the old coop and run.” Sandy tapped the books with a finger. “I want your help getting the items for the babies so I can take some home now, though.”

Hunter laughed, “Well then let’s get shopping.”

Sandy went back to the front of the store and grabbed a cart to fill it up with the items she’ll need for the babies. She would start reading the books that day but she knew she wanted to get some chicks and ducklings now too.

Sandy met Hunter by the chicks and ducklings. Hunter leads her to the chicken and duck area and with his help, Sandy loaded the car with food, food dishes, water dishes, sawdust, heat lamp, and a tub to keep the babies in until they were big enough for the new coop she was going to buy.

Sandy bought everything, including 6 ducklings and 15 baby chicks, and loaded everything into her car. Hunter helped her load everything and wished her luck. She drove carefully home, excited to set everything up for the babies. She would remember Hunter so if she needed anything else, she could go back and ask him.

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