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Daily Writing- March 13, 2022

Writing Exercise

Make a author character, giving them a life of their own and don’t forget to give them a genre to write. Then write a short story with the author character as your MC. Lastly, have your author character evaluate and critique your work.


Matthias- quiet, sweet, smart, and mysterious. Has steel blue eyes, short dark brown hair, and he writes Science Fiction.

My Story

Matthias sat in front of his computer, his steel blue eyes staring at the blank Microsoft Word document in front of him. He knew what he wanted to write, but he was also stumped.

Aliens? sure, along with time travel and some romance maybe, but where would it all take him? He had notes by the computer, but he doesn’t know how to start the book.

Matthias read his notes again, his fingers hovering over the keyboard. He had hoped inspiration would hit, but his muse was quiet. Needing to start somewhere, Matthias typed up a little about a sunrise on the planet Naruk, a planet that was like Earth. His hands moved across the keyboard as his new planet took shape. He created a few races, several languages, and a form of government. Before he knew it, it was past lunch time and he had written almost half of his new book.

Matthias saved everything, closed Word, and stretched his stiff body. He was ready to eat and play some mind-numbing games on PlayStation. He would return to his writing after a break. But Matthias felt a lot better now that he knew his characters and where the book would go from here. He couldn’t wait to watch the book develop and his characters become amazing in a world he had given them.

Matthias made sure to write down everything in his notes so that he could have the information at hand and not have to go back through his pages to find the answers. He set the pen down, stood up, and went in search of some food in his kitchen.

Matthias’ Critique


I really liked what you wrote about me. But instead of mind-numbing, how about just saying horror games or adventure games. Yes sometimes games can be mind-numbing, but I don’t like that description. I do like adventure games and horror games, so I think that should be used instead.

And I do like the name of the planet. It sounds fun and like a place I would pick. I love making up names for places and things. I want to read the book I am writing myself, now. Sounds like it would be a good Science Fiction book.

I am honored that you wrote a bit about me and picked me as your character. I hope we can work together again in a much longer story in the near future. And remember adventure or horror games, not mind-numbing.



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