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Daily Writing- March 15, 2022

Writing Exercise

Go to a park and find a comfortable place. Write down what you see place wise and people wise. Now write a story with your characters in the park and what experiences you had while at the park. But make sure to throw something in unexpected.

Side Note

I wasn’t able to go to the park on this day so I will just make up a story on the top of my head about the park. I will tie in things I had seen at a park from the past though.

My Story

Sasha walked into the park, excited to get some fresh air and to be outside to write her book. She had been working all week at the library with little time to write. So Sasha promised that on Saturday she would go to the park and focus on her book.

Sasha had woken up early that morning, showered, dried, and put her long red hair in a pony tail. She got dressed quickly and packed up her writing things into her bag. She ate a toasted bagel for breakfast and headed for the park.

When she got there, she saw a family having a picnic, a few people playing with their dogs, and a few teens playing football. Sasha found a table under a tree so she could have shade and opened her bag. Sasha puled out her pens, notebooks, and journal so she could get to work.

Sasha flipped the notebook open and tapped her pen on it. She didn’t know what genre she wanted to write this time. The last two books had been horror, so she wanted to write something else this time around. Sasha looked through her journal and saw an idea for a cozy murder mystery.

She wrote the title ‘Sleepy Seaside’ and stared to write. Sasha stopped when she felt a breeze. It wasn’t the breeze that disturbed her, it was the hint of salt on the breeze.

Sasha looked up to see the park was still there. So how did she smell salt on the breeze when the park was no where near the ocean. Sasha wrote about the seagulls and once she was done, she heard the seagulls calling out.

Sasha jumped and looked around again until she saw real seagulls flying over head. She didn’t know what was going on, but she didn’t want to stop writing, so she continued to see what else what happened. Sasha introduced her first character, a favorite outgoing librarian. Sasha told the readers about a mysterious shadow that stalked the woman from the library to her small home in a quiet cul-da-sac near the end of town.

Sasha finished the first chapter and moved onto the next. She described how the librarian was at hoe after a long dat at work. Sasha wrote how the doorbell rang and the librarian answered just to be stabbed by the shadow person. Sasha said the librarian gasped hen let out a deafening scream. As soon as she placed the period at the end of the sentence, a horrifying scream broke the peace of the park.

Sasha dropped her pen and stood up, looking around to see who had screamed. To her surprise, no one else reacted to the scream or to the seagulls, or the salty smells on the wind. Sasha packed her bag and left the park, not understanding what had happened. She didn’t want to stick around to find out though.

Stalking behind her to her car was a shadowy figure, a bloody knife in one hand.

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