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Sirens of the Deep- Chapter 3

Archie stood beside Rocky, the tall, tattooed buzzed headed brute, who turned the Angel of Death into the galaxy winds. The ship sailed smoothly through a field of comets. Rocky maneuvered around the comets, keeping the crew safe, but also gave them quite the ride. The men laughed and cheered as Rocky zipped this way and that around the comets, coming close to a few but never close enough to get hit.

Archie laughed and patted Rocky on the shoulder. “Ye always give the crew such a ride, Rocky. I think thee for that.”

Rocky grinned down at Archie. “And I thank thee for letting me be a part of ye crew and fly yer Angel of Death.”

Archie patted Rocky on the back again and disappeared to read the map to make sure they were on the right path. Archie tapped the table, and the map lit up as David appeared at his elbow, looking a bit pale. Archie glanced at him and smiled at his First Mate.

“Yer lookin’ green around the gills.”

“I be fine, sir. Just not the best when Rocky does this kind of flyin’,” David said as he looked over the map. “We be coming up to the slingshot around the planet Moonstone, then straight on to Sunstone.”

Archie grinned. “And straight to the treasure.”

Archie and David grabbed onto the table when the ship suddenly jerked hard to the left, then back to the right. They glanced at each other as they held onto the table while the ship rolled again. David lost his grip on the table and fell with a grunt. Archie tried to grab his first mate, but he missed and David rolled away from him. David hit the wall and laid still. Archie tightened his grip on the table, staring at his poor unconscious first mate. Placing hand over hand, Archie slowly moved closer to his first mate just as the ship rolled and David slid towards him. Archie jumped and caught David, stopping them with his legs.

Once the ship stopped swaying from side to side, Archie picked up and carried David to the plush couch he had in the room. He laid David on the couch, then ran out of the room to see what had happened to the crew and his ship. He glanced around to see that they had strayed far from the path and were now headed towards a giant asteroid. Archie’s eyebrows scrunched together when he saw his crew staring at the asteroid as if in a trance. A voice reached his ears, a soft, subtle yet enticingly sweet voice. Archie glanced around and saw Rocky had left his post and the ship was sailing itself. Archie saw a flash of green, then blue, around the asteroid. He walked closer to his men and saw beautiful women swimming around the asteroid, giggling and waving. Archie coughed and nearly choked when he saw that each woman had a fin.

“Sirens!” Archie rushed towards his men, but he was too late.

Rocky reached out to the siren closest to him just as she raised a curled hand with sharp nails.


A hand grabbed his shoulder and dragged him away from the crew. “Cap’n, it’s too late. Hurry!”

Archie turned to come face to face with David. David had shoved something in his ears that drowned out the enchanting song that would drive a sane man insane. He dragged Archie to one of their lifeboats and pushed him in it before he untied it. David shoved it away from the ship, but before David could jump in, Archie watched as one siren swam up behind his unsuspecting first mate. The siren laughed and grabbed David, pulling him away from the lifeboat.

“David!” Archie’s eyes widen. He watched in horror as the sirens grabbed his men and….

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