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Diabetes Interview- Let’s Chat

Interview with someone who knows a person with diabetes

I decided to change things up and post an interview that I had with a friend who knows and loves someone who has diabetes. It’s a struggle for both of them but their love pushes them through the tough times. Friendship and love are two key components to keep your life on track even with something like diabetes. My friend also has a friend she knows whose son has diabetes.

1. Who do you know who had diabetes?

S: My boyfriend and my friend’s son.

2. Which type of diabetes were they diagnosed with?

S: Both have type 1 diabetes.

3. Did you notice them suffering from any symptoms related to diabetes before they were diagnosed?

S: I didn’t know either of them before they were diagnosed so I can’t answer that one.

4. How did they behave after receiving the news?

S: I’m not sure about my friend’s son, but I know J didn’t manage his well and said he felt like his life was kind of over after getting the news. They didn’t really give him education to properly manage it at first so there were a lot of trial and error things with his.

5. Did you notice any changes in their diets or lifestyles after they were diagnosed?

S: Again, can’t answer that one since I wasn’t around when they first got diagnosed lol.

6. Do you help them manage their diabetes? Have you changed your own lifestyle or diet to help them?

S: With J, I have helped him manage his over the 4 years we’ve been together. I know how to check his sugars, what he needs when they are low, and how to count the carbs in things I cook so he knows how much insulin to take when he eats things. Before he got his first insulin pump, I also reminded him to take his long acting insulin at night, as he would often forget to take it.

7. Has their diagnoses affected your mental health in any way?

S: I don’t think his has affected my mental health really, because I also have chronic illnesses, so it was a lot like managing my own.

8. Have you ever heard of VIANA Stevia before I mentioned it in a previous blog?

S: I’ve heard of Stevia before, but not any specific brand.

9. Do you think your friend or family member would try VIANA Stevia instead of granulated sugar in their diet? Why or Why not?

S: He wouldn’t use it because he doesn’t like the taste of sugar substitutes, he’s tried them before.

10. Would you be interested in trying this product out yourself?

S: I probably wouldn’t either, mainly because I don’t usually add sugar or substitutes to my drinks.

She doesn’t let his diabetes get the best of herself, of himself, and of them together as a couple. As I had said before, having those you love know about your diabetes and know what you go through can help you mentally and physically as they will want to help you stay on track as well. Always remember that you are never alone when fighting this disease. You have an army behind you.

Here are the links to my other blogs so that you can read up on each type of diabetes, about the product VIANA Stevia that I currently sell, and other interviews with those who have diabetes themselves.

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Let’s stop diabetes in its track by changing our diets for the better, even if that means getting rid of granulated sugars for a healthier choice. Maybe we can even reverse it. We won’t know until we try.

As always I would like to thank S for taking the time to doing this interview with me. And if you are interested in learning more about the one she is talking about, look for my first interview with J.

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